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What to ask the Wedding DJ before D-day?  

Music is the soul of any celebration and the celebration of love that is your wedding day should have the most spectacular sound-track of all times. Since a designated wedding DJ is going to be in charge of giving a sound-track to every moment at your wedding, it is then of utmost importance that you ask them the right questions before booking them to let them be prepared for everything and anything — your big day needs to be flawless, after all! 

To equip you to ask the right questions and to find your perfect DJ partner, we’ve compiled this list for you that covers every question in the book of what to ask your wedding DJ before D-day. Getting the answers you are looking for will help you make the decision quicker and let you know your DJ’s experience level better. So, let’s get in gear for a long session of questionnaires! 

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1.  Are you available on the wedding dates? 

Our first question is a little cliche but one of the most inevitable ones too. Before taking the conversation anywhere you need to make sure the candidate is free on the dates of your wedding and the pre- and post-wedding functions.


2. How many weddings have you done so far? 

This question is crucial to understand the level of experience your DJ has in his field of expertise. Make sure he/she has done ample weddings in particular so that you can be assured they know how to handle the day. 


3. Do you do more than one event a day? 

If they do more than one event in a day on normal days, make sure you book them for the day for your wedding functions. Sure, it might incur an extra cost but it will prevent any unwanted delays or mishaps. 


4. Can you provide me with references from any recent work you’ve done?

References matter in order to get a first-hand idea about how the wedding DJ you are going to finalise performs on real events. 


5. What sets you apart from the other Wedding  DJs?

This one’s more about understanding their style of DJing and getting a better idea as to why they are a better option than the rest on the market.


6. What are your rates? And what all is included?

Another obvious question on the list — make sure to know what their rates include lest you be charged for something you weren’t told about. Money matters should be transparent. 


7. Do you take requests from guests? What’s your policy?

Some wedding DJs forthrightly deny any song requests during the event in order to not stray away from what they have prepared. If you want the DJ to take song requests from the guests, make sure to not presume it and include this question during the meeting. Also, if such a thing exists, hand them over a “do not play” list of all the songs you’d hate to hear on your special day just because a guest requested it. 


8. Do you also act as the emcee? If yes, can you describe your style or give a  demo?

If they also act as the emcee, it’s always a good idea to take a demo of their style so you’ll know whether they’ll match up to your vibe. 


9. How many breaks would you require?

After all that hard work they are bound to take a break or two. What you need to know here is how many breaks they usually take and for how long so as to include other entertainment as fillers, if needed. 


10. How much space and time would you need to set up your equipment?

This question requires you to follow up with the venue vendor as well. Lack of coordination could end up ruining setting up of proper equipment on the big day. 


11. How many people will be travelling along with you?

The answer to whether you need to buy those extra plates. 


12. Does your rate include travelling and accommodation costs? (if they are coming from out of town or to a destination wedding)

In case of a destination wedding or if you have a special out-of-town DJ coming to crank up the party, you most often than not have to incur their travelling and accommodation costs. 


13. Do you bring backup equipment?

Backup equipment is necessary if they are travelling far and wide. It’s a surety of fixing any possible situation. 


14. What tactics do you use to gather a crowd and keep it motivated?

Your wedding DJ needs to be a pro at handling a crowd, making the enthusiastic guests groove to especially bringing the non-enthusiastic ones up on stage. 


15. How many days in advance should I book you?

During wedding seasons, it is always advisable that you book your favourite wedding DJ well in advance. During the off wedding season, some Djs require official prior booking while some just show up at the right time, you need to know what kind is yours so as to prevent any unwanted setbacks.


16. Can you provide wireless mics?

Filler entertainment or acting as an Emcee requires the use of wireless mics. They are also needed for all those moments sentimental relatives plan to give a toast. All you need to ensure is that the DJ’s equipment includes wireless mics and excellent quality speakers. 


17. What are your overtime charges?

Weddings are a long, once-in-a-lifetime affair. It’s not an office meeting that would go according to some time-table, therefore, you need to be prepared for incurring overtime charges. As long as they are not exorbitant prices, you are good to go. 


18. What is your refund/cancellation policy? 

In unprecedented events or in case you find someone better right before the D-day, make sure you can easily get a refund or cancel the DJ without incurring unnecessary losses. 


19. Do you own liability insurance?

Liability insurance ensures that in the unfortunate event anything happens to the DJ or his group members during the event, they are fully insured and it wouldn’t cost you time in judicial custody. 


20. When do I submit special song requests, during the event or before?

If as a couple you have a  certain lovey-dovey playlist in mind or just a few songs that you definitely want to be played at your wedding, you need to make sure in advance that your DJ can accommodate them during the event or does he/she need prior notice.

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