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Wonderland themed birthday party

Wonderland Themed Birthday Party

Wonderland is a magical land and hence of great fascination for young kids. Whether it is Lewis Carroll’s original novel or the Disney adaptation of the same, Alice in Wonderland is such a popular tale that is recreating the same feel for an upcoming birthday party is surely going to be loved by all kids and grown-ups too. The good thing about going in for the Wonderland theme is that you have lots of choices – you could stick to the original illustrations in the novel, or take ideas from the Disney cartoon movie or even go ahead with the recent version that was released as a movie.

Some ideas for organizing the perfect Wonderland Birthday party


Choose a specific object or a character from the novel – those that made a difference in Alice’s life.
For example, the rabbit whom Alice followed to fall into the rabbit hole or the key that leads Alice inside the Wonderland. Go simple – handwrite on the invitation to add that extra effect. Another brilliant invite idea is to use small glass bottles with stoppers. Fill them with coloured water and attach small handwritten tags on the neck. In case of older children, you could send the Alice in Wonderland book along with the invitation card.

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Wonderland theme birthday party
Create your Wonderland Themed E-invite here.


You could work around the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to work out the beverages.
While the green tea and the traditional tea could be served to adults, kids could choose between different fruity ice teas that are caffeine free. Alternately juices can also be served to kids in teacups and saucers – you could order unbreakable ones or the plastic toy ones. Serve some pink coloured juices and punches.


Since the wonderland is set in historic England, certain dishes on the menu should be representing that era – sandwiches, cakes, cookies, bread with jam, jam tarts, chocolates, fruit cakes, salads with tomatoes and olives.
The checkerboard and red hearts from the card suit can be used to give shapes to food items. You could also order the Wonderland cookie cutters to give different shapes to the cookies, pizzas, sandwiches and cakes.

Wonderland themed birthday party


One great idea that helps keep the children busy at the party and also proves to be a tasty snack are the edible tea cups – let them add their ingredients to the cups and enjoy the feel thoroughly.

The birthday cake

It can be themed on a character or an object from the story.
It could be shaped like the rabbit or even Alice herself. Instead if you want to keep the cake simple add toppings with the Wonderland theme.

Wonderland theme birthday party

Small side-helpings can be baked or made that could catch the imagination of the young ones so that they take interest in the food and relish it. Examples – carrot coloured cakes, caterpillar shaped or mushroom-shaped colourful snacks, mice made from white sugar, the cat tail marshmallows or lollipops.


You could hang pocket watches cut-outs or even giant playing cards.
Put a lot of green around – with natural plants, artificial ones or even handmade from tissue papers. It helps create the forest theme of the novel.

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