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15 Brilliant and Inspiring Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas

Your rooftop terrace is your private space for outdoor living. And if you haven’t decorated it, you are missing the most beautiful part of outdoor living. But it is never too late to start. 

Here’re some simple but inspiring terrace design ideas

  1. Open Terrace Design

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If you get beautiful views from your terrace, you can add a coffee table with some chairs to sit and soak in the view. Or you can create a beautiful view by adding some tall plants for greenery and a wooden screen around a decent sitting arrangement to make your private heaven.

  1. Rooftop Garden

You can’t go wrong with plants and bushes and if you love gardening, you can create a lovely garden with herbs and medicinal plants on your terrace. Or you can grow fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants. Also, upgrade the design with outdoor furniture for your rest and relaxation. 

  1. Vibrant Color Scheme

Paint the terrace wall with a vibrant color palette or wall art or graffiti. Add an outdoor sofa or day bed with colorful throw pillows. And if you are interested in some more decoration, add some beams with a roof over them. Hang some flower pots on the beams and place colorful loungers for rest and relaxation.

  1. Suitable Outdoor Furniture

Create a sitting area that is both comfortable and useful. For example, you can try a setting area with some side tables to keep your belongings. Or it could be wicker furniture matching the terrace design. Choose furniture that looks like part of the rooftop architecture and not something forced upon it.

  1. Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate the outdoor space with hanging lanterns or accent lighting that also draws attention to your wall art or graffiti. Or give the terrace a romantic atmosphere with tea candles along the fence or on the outdoor table. Also, you can use overhead bulbs and enclosed sconces for lighting.

  1. Roof Deck

Constructing a roof deck with a simple yet modern terrace design is a great idea. Add a few loungers and large umbrellas or make a sitting arrangement around a luxurious coffee table with some comfy cushions or wicker furniture to complete the design.

  1. Large Space

If there is enough space on your rooftop terrace, you can add a wow factor to the design. For example, you can create a water feature like a fountain or a small waterfall. Or you can add a fire element or a DIY Koi pond to your terrace design.

  1. Small Space

Create an awning at the doorway and incorporate all the furniture beneath it. The rest of the terrace can be left open to soak in the views. Or you can construct a roof over the terrace and decorate the space like a small rooftop room. 

  1. Choose The Right Flooring

Homeowners often ignore their terraces while designing their homes. But little do they know that a little TLC can transform the look and feel of a terrace design. Or you go for tiles, stone, concrete, decking, or artificial turf to improve your rooftop terrace. 

  1. Add A Cookout Or Fireplace

If you love outdoor dining, you can create a small cooking area on your terrace. Or it could be a grill or barbeque pit if you have limited space. And a fireplace pit or at least heat lamps are essential for those long winter evenings.

  1. Design A Rooftop Bar

If you love cocktail parties or lonely evenings with your favorite drinks, you can create a bar or buy a bar cabinet to equip the outdoors for enjoyment. But remember that terrace bars need good lighting and a covered space where you can sit with your gang or your drink during lonely moments.

  1. Rooftop Gazebo

Adding a pergola or a rooftop gazebo is also a great idea to design your terrace. It will add warmth and charm to the space and provide you with a cozy place for rest and relaxation. Also, it will provide you protection from rain and sunshine. It is like an all-weather place.

  1. A Perfect Picnic Spot

Converting your rooftop terrace into a picnic spot is a great idea. And you can bring this change to your outdoor space with little investment. Simply add some neat picnic benches under some colorful picnic umbrellas for an outdoor picnic at home. Or you can buy a lovely dining table with fun benches for an outdoor family get-together.

  1. Create An Open-Air-Theatre

If you love movies, you can consider converting your rooftop terrace into an open-air theatre by adding a projector and a few speakers to it. For sitting, you can buy some outdoor chairs, or spread rugs on the floor. Also, don’t forget to cover the equipment to protect it from rainwater. 

  1. Be Creative

When nothing seems to work on your rooftop terrace, you can become creative and design your rooftop terrace in the way you have always wanted. First, find a dream terrace design, and second, try transforming your rooftop terrace according to your dream design. 

Final Thoughts

The objective behind designing a rooftop terrace is to make the most of the space available in your home. Whether you live in an apartment or have an independent home, you can add more space to your home by designing your outdoors. It could be a small terrace but it can make big use of the rooftop terrace. 

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