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15 FUN Ideas to Celebrate Your Birthday as an Adult

Birthdays are the most joyous time of the year to gather your friends and family to celebrate together. No matter where in the world you might be or where your friends might be, there is no better time to do something fun for every milestone you hit! Although, birthdays can be a stressful time for some of us pondering over – how should I celebrate? How many people should I call? What if no one’s available? 

All out of ideas? Here are some amazing ways to make your day special!!

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1. Throw a Theme Birthday Party

Choose your favourite movie or TV show and have everyone dress up as different characters from it. To make it more interesting, you can also plan a few games or a scavenger hunt with riddles and hints using your favourite scenes and dialogues.


2. Host a Film Night on Your Birthday

One of the easiest and enjoyable ways to have fun at your party would be to break out the party snacks and drinks, put up a projector, vote for a movie and watch it. To add some more spice to your night you can always have a small round of questions at the end of the movie with prizes for winners!


3. Take a Trip on Your Birthday


Gather your closest friends and take a trip to your favourite destination and have an amazing time with your closest friends, enjoy the local activities, or have dinner with your friends on the beach, everything is better when the people you love are with you.


4. Make it ‘YOUR’ Special Day


Get some me-time! Book yourself a relaxing day at your favourite Spa, relax your muscles and give yourself a break from mundane activities of everyday life, take yourself out for lunch at your favourite restaurant or rent your favourite movie. You Deserve It!


5. Give Back on Your Birthday


If there is a cause you are passionate about, contribute to it. It may be doing something for the environment or teaching underprivileged children nearby. You can also donate any funds for your birthday to your favourite organization.


6. Go Colorful – Use them all


Paint, Draw or design your own jewellery! Get those hands dirty, get out some paints, sip some wine and have an amazing therapeutic day with your friends in different colours.

7. Host a Small Dinner Party


Get out your pretty dresses and Tuxedos, put on some jazz music, order your favourite food and drinks, and reminisce about the good times you’ve had with your friends. 


8. Add a ‘Twist” to Your Birthday Party


Put on your dancing shoes and have a dance-off with your friends! Put on your favourite music or give each other theme songs to dance to and dance all night.


9. Throw a Slumber Party on Your Birthday


Have a sleepover with your best friends, talk all night, light some candles and bust into the skincare samples you’ve stashed away. 


10. Have a Wine Tasting Birthday Party


Have everyone bring their favourite bottle of wine and taste away!

P.s. you could always try some under the radar wines..


11. Have a Pool Birthday Party


This one is for the summer babies! Have a blast at the pool with your friends, or go to an amusement park, you are never too old for those, get your favourite snacks and cocktails and have the best time.


12. Host a Sports Birthday Party


Have an entire day planned with everyone’s favourite recreational activities like bowling, swimming, horseback riding or playing zombie tag, go for a small hike and enjoy the sunset at the top of a beautiful hill, the possibilities are endless!


13. Plan a Treasure Hunt


Organize an exciting treasure hunt for your friends, where the clues can also be questions about you, so that you can find out who your ‘true’ friends are, have amazing prizes at the end of the hunt and then unwind by having snacks and drinks!


14. Go for a Concert 


Get tickets to your favourite artist’s concert and dance the night away with your friends! Concerts are always fun to attend and you can the best time with your closest friends as well as enjoy amazing music.


15. Have a Pizza Making Party


Who doesn’t love pizza?! Go out, get ingredients and make your favourite pizzas at home! You can pair this with your favourite drinks and this can also be followed by watching a movie or having a sleepover!


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