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5 Beautiful Haldi Ceremony Moments to Capture

Marriage is the most beautiful of all ceremonies on this earth. One of the fun and important pre-wedding rituals of an Indian wedding is the Haldi Ceremony. Haldi is believed to be auspicious as per Hindu rituals and tradition. The yellow colour is an optimistic, cheerful bright colour which lends cheer and happiness to the proceedings. Yellow signifies prosperity and opulence and hence used to bless the young couple with the same. The rich yellow colour of the paste and properties of Haldi make the skin of the bride and groom shine.

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Bride and Groom and their family, relatives and friends cherish these moments forever. These remarkable and unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime moments should be captured well on camera. Here, we share some of the beautiful photo moments of Haldi ceremony for inspiration and planning.

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1. Glowing Together Forever

The couple with Haldi on them, look radiant and glittery. Their spectacular picture together marks the moment forever. If the ceremony is being held separately for both, then a collage of their pictures can be created later for the album.

2. Bride’s Contagious Smile

The bride’s innocent and pure smile makes the ceremony worth everything. In that contagious smile of the beautiful bride, the feeling of being someone’s best half for the rest of their life and the enthusiasm for the whole new life becomes evident.

3. The Emotional Picture of the Bride with her Mother

This is the happiest moment in the life of the bride’s mother. She has had this dream for her daughter that one day her princess will meet her perfect prince. The tears of happiness, those pearl-like droplets, captured in the camera are the best and make for a never to be forgotten moment of a splendid Haldi ceremony.

4. Splashing Haldi on Bride by her Sister and Friends

This is the most entertaining and playful moment that can be captured on Haldi ceremony. The glee on the face of friends and bride’s sister while playing Holi with Haldi, splashing haldi on the bride and each other is a treat for the eyes.

The beautiful ladies around the bride / groom, all smeared in yellow colour makes the ambience vibrant and is a perfect picturesque moment!

5. Won’t suggest wasting liquor, but this seems FUN!!

Well, there has to be some fun stored for the groom’s friends and family too.  Pouring and not giving to drink the groom’s favourite liquor will be a wild and insane celebration of Haldi ceremony. Groom and his friends drenched in the liquor will be hilarious to see. It will be altogether a fun moment to be captured.

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