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Bride Spectrum: Make Up Ideas for all Brides

After you’ve had your Cinderella moment, found those perfect shoes, you’ve dolled up, are super satisfied with your choice of wedding lehenga or gown, and have spent tones of hours scrolling Instagram, Pinterest etc. searching for ‘the perfect look’ to match your outfit and pull the whole look together and to get your hairstyle right, and yet, still missing the spark you’d like?! Don’t worry, we are here to help light that spark!

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Hiring a Wedding Makeup Artist? Here are a few tips.

Planning an Event?

One of the problems while deciding what type of makeup one wants to go for is “Where do we begin?” And a really good place to start is to save and send photos of the looks which you are attracted to, to your makeup artist. Ask them to analyse your features, the look you like, the vibe you’d like, the hairstyle etc. and show them the wedding dress you want or have selected, then see what is the overall look which suits you the best according to your liking.

Some Bridal Look Ideas to Choose From

The Ombré as a Gradient Bridal Makeup Look

If you’re planning to have a day wedding on the beach, this look will give you an extremely flirtatious vibe, thanks to the lush lashes and the Ombré eyeshadow.

Bohemian Rhapsody Bridal Makeup Look

For a Bohemian vibe for an outdoor wedding, this is a bride with a ‘barely there’ makeup look, thin liner on the eyes and long eyelashes, a natural shade of lipstick to go with the liner. This look can be pulled off so effortlessly.

Stunnin’ Contour Bridal Makeup Look

Credits: Hitched & Clicked

Glam eyes, mauve lips with a contoured complexion create an alluring look which many brides go for. A stunning makeup look for a noon wedding!

Red Lips, Bronze Lids Bridal Makeup Look

Those Italian couples saying “I do” have the quintessential look using romantic red lipsticks which are then married to a gorgeous glow on well-defined eyes, forming one of the most incredible makeup looks for brides.

Winter Brows and Eyes Bridal Makeup Look

A rich liner on the eyes, coupled with a sensual nude lip shade and strong brows can produce one of those looks which stand out for winter brides, even for the brides who are opting to get adventurous and get married in areas laden with snow!

Classic Aesthetics Bridal Makeup Look

Credits: Kulwant Singh Photography

Who doesn’t love an aesthetically beaming neutral look?! This is the beaming bride’s neutral aesthetic, we all love. A classic combine a nude lip with a light smoky eye look, which looks so, so, so gorgeous!

Ruby Red Boho Flair Bridal Makeup Look

The star of the show bride can pull off this party-ready metallic accent incorporated with a bold ruby red lipstick. Take into consideration a modern-boho flair by adding some gilding to it.

Golden Age of Glamour Bridal Makeup Look

Go back to the golden age of glamour with a graphic liner and gold eye shadow. A soft glam look with a pop of shimmer is a bridal makeup look we personally love a lot!

Vintage Vixen Vibe Bridal Makeup Look

A vixen-like appearance takes birth when that beautiful scarlet pout meets those sultry bronze eyes. It’s the finest combination fabricating an elusive vintage vibe.

Glow Warps and Mauve Shades Bridal Makeup Look

A look which is suitable for the entire day can be paired with morning, afternoon, evening and night weddings. It’s a completely timeless look which softly brings out the bride’s features with a perfect yet subtle glow that goes flawlessly with dusty mauve shades.

There are still a bunch of more bridal makeup looks one can go for. The market and choices are endless and the ones mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg and our favourite collection! That said, our suggestion is you pick your look instead of going on that endless, everlasting search. The more the choices, the more the confusion, which is why we’ve picked the best ones out according to us!

Hope this helped you end your search and gave you what you needed and wanted 😉 Happy Wedding!

To find the right wedding vendors and makeup artists, visit venuelook.com. For A-Z of wedding planning and decorations, contact us at weddings.venuelook.com.

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