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3 Must Know Bridal Nath Designs

Okay, we are all set with the bridal outfits, some jewellery, makeup and now it’s time to add a few finishing touches to complete the Indian bridal look! You want your look to be unique to you, it’s got to fit your tastes, look amazing and make you feel you, yet, look absolutely astonishing! Sometimes, this can be done by adding a nath to the whole look and while it’s such a simple accessory, a nath or what is also referred to as a bridal nose-pin can do wonders to complete your outfit. Naths are also a great way to bring a touch of older traditions to your marriage.

The best part? You as a bride no longer need to get piercings done in order to wear a nath! There are a whole plethora of naths and this plethora includes clip-on versions of naths.

Since naths aren’t usually bought with wedding jewellery, it can be a little challenging to narrow down the specifics of nath designs one should opt for, for the wedding. Like we said, naths are bought separately and not along with the rest of the jewellery, you want your naths (nose rings) to match the rest of your outfit.

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To help you out with the whole process, we have put together some popular nath designs:

1. Punjabi Style – Shikarpuri Nath

This nath has a hoop which comes in different sizes – small, medium and large and it is pinned to the hair with an embellished chain. This chain very often has the same pattern which the hoop has. This design of nath is extremely popular amongst the brides in Punjab. These elegant naths go really well with gold or any kind of Kundan jewellery set. And then, of course, one can experiment with the colour and mix and match it to go with your bridal outfit! Until you reach, voila! sheer perfection!!

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2. Laung Style Nath

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A Laung is the perfect match for you, if you like or would prefer wearing a nose ring – a stud, instead of wearing something heavy on the wedding. This is better known as a Laung. Your stud also comes in various sizes, it can be as big or as small as you’d like it to be, as long as it makes you feel great and goes with your outfit. The impact is the same, it adds to the effect of having something unique to your getup and grabs the same attention towards you as another nath would. Gold and precious stone jewellery go really well with this type of nath.

One can even go for “Septum rings” as they are new in town and can be flaunted with Indo-western getups.

3. Latkan Style Nath

This is a unique type of nath and its concept is a little different than the other naths since it does not have a prominent nose ring.

The part most attractive about these nath designs is the way that the chains are designed to connect our noses to our hair. Plus, the charm of these naths lies in how the chains are decorated with embellishments. One of a kind, this nath can go with all types of jewellery. Naths are such an important part of the entire get-up and can add so much to your overall outfit! If you manage to get the nath right, you are sure to charm and flatter your attendees, more so, yourself and the groom! With a little research and scouting of the market, this job can become relatively very easy and keep you calm instead of making you feel overwhelmed! Just ensure that your nath matches your overall look, remember to go easy on yourself! If you don’t already have a piercing and are scared that getting one will hurt a lot, go ahead and use the clip-on naths!

We hope this article gave you some clarity and helped you out in your hunt for naths! Happy wedding!

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