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Short Engagement versus Long Engagement

The debate regarding engagement should be short or long has never abated and both viewpoints are valid and give something to ponder about. Some couples wish to wait for some time and spend more time knowing each other before they tie the knot while some are in a hurry to get married and start living a blissful life. 

Here, we bring you pros of long versus short engagement and leave you to make a choice that is just right for you.

Pros of Long Engagement

1. Helps Save Time and Money

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We all know that weddings are a very lavish and expensive affair. If you wish to get married in style, you would like to buy more time to save money and/or spend lavishly on arrangements that leave lasting memories.

2. Ease of Booking Choicest Vendors

Long Engagement gives you ample time to engage venues and vendors of your choice as they have not been booked yet. This gives you a chance to book a venue of your choice and secure the location at discounted prices.

3. Time to Think About Your Wedding Goals

Long engagement gives you ample time to get prepared for a huge change that’s about to happen in your life and think about your wedding goals. You can even go for premarital counselling and get comfortable with the idea of a new life.

4. Make Your Dreams of a Fairy tale Wedding Come True

If you have some specific ideas about your wedding arrangements where many of these arrangements are dependent on your creative skills, you will have ample time available to plan, source, create and make your dream come true.

The downside of long engagement can be having a lot of time at hand for you to get cold feet; having too much time to make decisions can lead to wedding burnout; constant nagging of friends and family about when are you going to get married and more.

Pros of Short Engagement

1. Quick Wedding

If you are madly in love with your partner and can’t bear to be away for a moment, you would surely choose a quick wedding. 

2. Focused Approach

When getting married just after a couple of weeks/months, you are focused on how to make your wedding spectacular. Lesser time keeps you away from a longer stress period. You will relentlessly take over getting various wedding details right. Quick preparations will help you make quick decisions with no time to waste in pondering about them. 

3. Your Family Would Be Happy

As soon as the wedding date is fixed, your parents, grandparents and close relatives are the happiest people. A quick marriage will ensure all of them enjoying and being a part of your big day (SOON!).

4. Get Married Quick and Achieve your Wedding Goals

If you have some ideas about your wedding and have set a few goals, you would surely like to get quickly married and get the chance to live a happy life meeting relationship goals with the most important person in your life.

Just like long engagement, short engagement also has a few cons. It may be difficult booking venue and vendors of choice, not enough time to make arrangements exactly as per your choice. Relatives will get lesser time to make travel arrangements, and more.

Check out the pros and cons of long and short engagement and make the decision as per your choice and the kind of marriage ceremonies you are looking forward to!

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