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How to write Christmas Party Invitations – a Quick Guide!

Christmas is around the corner and we need to be partying! Hosting a Christmas party is one of the most happening tasks, hosting any party is, and yet, they are so much fun! So many people barely manage to attend holiday gatherings, hosting is yet, another story altogether, and we as Indians, love gathering around our loved ones during holidays and love celebrating together! “Ghar ka Khana! Aur Cakes/Mithai?!”

More than that, Christmas season is pretty busy, so many functions and celebrations are happening together, plus, we’ve got to ensure that people attend the gatherings we host, so we’ve got to plan ahead and ensure parties don’t clash! Therefore, we have to roll out our Christmas party invites as early as possible!

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Planning an Event?

The mediums you choose to send out the invite can be anything, it could be via mails, letters, printed cards, messages, that’s up to you, the key lies in choosing your words carefully, so that you can grab attention and charm everyone, that way, they are surely going to turn up!

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Tips on Writing a Christmas Party Invitation:

Writing an invite for a Christmas Party is very similar to writing any other kind of invitation. A Christmas party invitation would, like the rest of the invites, include all the important details required to be known by people you’d like to invite over.

However, there are a few pointers which are unique to these invitations and while they may seem like common sense, sometimes people forget them, so we’ve made sure that you have them in front of you when penning down your Christmas invitations. If you do happen to forget them later, you can always come back to this article and have a look at them.

  1. Planning Ahead of Time – Like we already mentioned, people are either busy around holidays or have made plans to spend time with their loved ones to go on a vacation or something else. Ensuring that your invites are ready and out early is extremely essential and crucial!
    Especially if you intend on throwing a party a few weeks before the 25th of December. Preferably, you’d like to be slightly aggressive with your RSVP date to encourage your attendees to commit.
  1. Get the Christmas Vibe On! –It is Christmas time after all! And a few well-written Christmas words, phrases, images and jingles will be a sure shot way to add a dash of yuletide sparkle to your invitation. Just a tad bit of them to add to the theme while making sure they don’t distract the reader from the main details of the event and yet bring in the charm.
  1. Christmas Special Activities – What’s a party without some fun and games?!
    In case you have a few games or other activities planned out for your party, make sure you mention them on the invitation, it adds the element of excitement, yes, even for the adults! Besides, they act as really good advertisements for your party, and let people know what they are signing up for if they make up their mind to attend the event. You could play Secret Santa, have contests, Cookie exchange parties and so much more, that’s for another article or two we suppose 😉
  1. Your Party’s Got to Have a Name! – One of the coolest and easiest ways to garner and grab someone’s attention is to have a catchy name! So, remember to come up with a clever, catchy name for your holiday party. This also, adds the effect of a real event and not just a mere gathering and make people want to attend the event.

Merry Christmas! Host a mind-boggling party!

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