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How to Throw a Good Dinner Party?

So, you have planned a dinner party for your friends and now feeling overwhelmed with the number of tasks cut for you. Throwing a dinner party is not as challenging as it seems. Here, we bring you a few tips following which you can throw a party that will be remembered for a long time to come. 

Plan Ahead

The most important tip that will fare you well when planning a dinner party is to think and plan ahead. Start jotting down items that you will need for the party, also keep adding tasks to your to-do list which will help as a guide to an awesome party with nothing forgotten or missed. 

Finalize the Guest List

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As soon as you decide to host a dinner party, it is important to start cracking at preparing and finalizing the guest list. Irrespective of the number of guests you are planning to invite, freezing the number would help you plan and take factors like their likes and dislikes into consideration. 

Create a Menu

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After deciding guests who all are going to grace your party with their presence, start working on the menu. Instead of adding a lot of complicated cuisines, try to go with a simple menu with a couple of your best dishes. If you so wish, you can try a new recipe and if it goes well, add to the list of dishes you are going to serve.

Minimalism is the key

Instead of serving a seven-course meal with a lot of complicated appetizers and main course dishes, choose just a couple of appetizers that are most-liked options before your guests sit down for the main meal. You will realize how even simple appetizers can set the tone of a hearty meal. 

Go With seasonal dishes

Choose foods that are seasonal in nature and thus offer an unmistakable flavor. Adding dishes that contain vegetables or fruits that are not in season may lack in taste, flavor, and texture.

Take Help of Pre-packaged dishes


If you have no help when it comes to planning and hosting a dinner party, it is better to make the most of pre-cooked side dishes or pre-packaged salads or mouthwatering desserts from your favorite deli to ease your burden leaving you enough time to prepare other dishes that you are expert at. It will save a lot of time and effort that goes into throwing a dinner party.

Get a few do-ahead dishes 

Choose a few dishes that can be cooked and made a day or two before the actual party. Some of the dishes that fall into this category are cheesecake, lasagna, meatballs, etc. This way, you will save a lot of time on the day of the dinner, leaving you enough time to socialize with your guests.

Finally, be calm, collected, and relaxed. It is your dinner party and you have worked hard to make it successful. Now is the time to meet and greet them instead of rushing here and there frantically. A dinner party is more than just-food. It is also an opportunity to meet old friends and spend a good time with them.

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