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Dinner Party Entertainment Ideas

With light repartees, frequent yawns, drinks and food, dinner parties tend to become extremely tedious. Hence, deviating from the rule book and to make a long-lasting impression, it is eventually becoming favoured by the hosts to introduce some form of entertainment to dinner parties. Regardless of the sort of party, you decide to throw, the food and drinks aren’t of much concern as you would be up-to-date on the leading catering service providers. What’s of concern actually is the element of entertainment. The ideal entertainment ideas are those that merge aspects of all kinds such as group involvement, revelry, and craziness that relaxes the crowd. Peruse this article for some inspiration to bring in full on entertainment at your dinner party.

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String Quartet

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When it’s all about entertainment in a dinner party, what can be more ideal than a String Quartet? For those of you coming across this term for the first time, let us apprise you that a String Quartet is a group of four instruments having strings which play together. String Quartet comes with two violins, a cello, and a viola. The fusion of these instruments emits such a mellifluous sound that would add elegance and refinement to the dinner party. Book a String Quartet for your next Dinner party and see how you and your guests transcend into another dimension!

Cellist for a Budget-friendly Option

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It is a best idea to opt for a Cellist for your dinner party in case your budget restricts you from engaging a String Quartet. Similar to the String Quartet, a Cellist will also play contemporary instrumental songs or classical music as the invitees engage themselves in eating, drinking and talking. Compared to hiring a String Quartet, employing a Cellist is a more economical option. Apart from the cost factor, another advantage of employing an instrumentalist is that they don’t eat up too much of your space. Owing to this aspect, a Cellist might be the perfect option for you if you’re thinking of hosting the dinner party in your home itself.

Bring in Some Magic by Hiring Close-up Magicians

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Close-up magicians provide an alternative version of entertainment which is entertaining and interactive. Close-up magicians, by carrying out some easy magic tricks making use of small objects, work their way around the room showcasing their magic skills to the invitees at their table. A nice entertaining experience to have, especially if there are some kids too.

Gives the Invitees a Memento by Hiring A Caricaturist

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How about choosing a caricaturist for your dinner party that would endow you and your guests with umpteen memories! A caricaturist, by working his way around each table, would sketch the invitees in a comical way. Post the completion of these sketches, he’d hand over the drawings one-by-one to whom it may concern. Opting for a caricaturist offers a kind of entertainment which is noiseless, and can carry on in the background as the guests go on eating and socializing.

Hire a Keyboardist/Pianist


In case you aren’t too fond of string instruments, go with the option of having a keyboardist or a pianist. Almost all the keyboardists and pianists bring their own instruments with them and the music is oh-so classy!

Take your pick and choose a different experience for all your guests and yourself while planning your next dinner party, a reunion or a get-together.

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