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Don’t You Need Both Engagement And Wedding Rings?

To be honest, the answer to the question is very simple. In one line we’d sum it up and say, “It’s up to you, wear however many rings you like!” That said, we still need to have an understanding of what really is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring.

We mean if you really love your engagement ring so much, do you even need to get a coordinating wedding band to match it? Or could you just wear your engagement ring right after the marriage instead? Or could you just wear the wedding band instead? Can you wear both? One in one hand and the other in the opposite hand?

Confused much? Let’s get a deeper understanding of the two as separate entities and clarify the engagement ring v/s wedding ring etiquette questions once and for all!

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 What’s the Difference between the two: Engagement Ring v/s Wedding Ring? 

Here’s the thing, traditionally engagement rings have one dominant stone, this would either stand out all by itself or would be surrounded by additional smaller stones. An engagement ring is typically given during what we call “ROKA” or the engagement ceremony. In contrast to the engagement ring, the wedding ring is conventionally a diamond-rimmed eternity band or a plain metal ring that you give each other while exchanging wows or before taking the “Phere” ( Seven Circumambulations) and put them on from then on. Usually, there is also a reasonable price difference between the two – engagement rings v/s wedding rings. Even if your wedding band has enchased diamonds, jewels and different gemstones, their total carat weight is mostly lower than that of the engagement ring. The cool part, however, is that traditions can be changed, thanks to the power of free will! You have the ability to make choices and therefore choose and change the design of your ring’ We mean it’s yours, you have a say in it!

Besides, some people like it the traditional way and some people like to diversify their old traditions and even perhaps part ways with it, it’s all for you to decide!

Style Your Rings 

For the longest time, the engagement ring and wedding ring have been worn together on the ring (second last) finger of your left hand.

As far as stacking the rings is concerned, it’s said that you should wear the wedding ring inside and then the engagement ring after it, towards the outer side, that way it’s said to be closer to your heart (aww <3).

Off course this isn’t a hard and fast rule, some brides prefer to wear the engagement ring on one hand and their wedding ring on the other hand, particularly if the two rings are very different from each other and look better without being stacked together.

Now, it’s an interesting topic to have a discussion on, as to why the rings were traditionally worn on the left hand instead of the right hand, and that’s for another article 😉

When to Pick Out Wedding Bands 

Ideally, it’s a good idea for couples to select their wedding bands at least two months before the wedding, that way if there are any last-minute changes which pop up while planning your wedding, they can be dealt with, instead of dealing with ring problems.

If you are confused while picking up your wedding band, you should wear your engagement ring for a few months and then go choose the wedding ring, because preferences tend to change. So, you might as well take that engagement ring for a ride and get a better grasp and idea of the type of wedding band you’d like.

Both the Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring? 

Like I already said, in the end, it really does just come down to individual choices. You do you! If you personally really love the traditional look, go for it! Whether you’re adding a wedding band which is set with pavé diamonds or you are choosing to pick a plain metal ring, a combination of the two (engagement ring and wedding band) should always be an aesthetically appealing look.

Would Just One Ring Do? YES! It would

It is absolutely okay if you’d prefer just wearing one ring which symbolizes both your engagement and your (in some cases – to be) married status. It is, at the end of the day, supposed to make you happy!

Besides, single rings look great by themselves and the perk is you don’t have to deal with two separate rings!

So, when it comes to this, it’s not a black and white situation, it’s all up to you and your choices!  The designs, the choice of the metal, wearing or not wearing both the rings or even more than two rings – these are just reminders and symbols of your love for each other and of course of your marriage!

Hope you found this article useful. A big “CONGRATULATIONS” to you! No, not for being able to pick your ring(s), for finishing this read! 🙂 (just kidding).

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