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15 Easy Flower Decoration Ideas For Your Home

No matter what the season is, we all love to see colourful flowers around us. On special occasions and festivals, we look forward to decking up our homes a bit (or, a LOT) more.

With little effort and a plethora of choices, flower arrangements can cheer up every nook and corner of your home. Below we have curated some of the best and simple flower arrangements for the home to make your living space much more ‘Zen’. These range from subtle potted flower arrangements to beautiful hanging floral arrangements. Take your pick!

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1. Flowers in a String for Home Decor

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Isn’t it amazing to see pretty flowers hanged around you in the living room or some other space?! All you have to do is get a couple of flower-bearing vines and hang them at the entrance door or in the corner of a room beside a lamp or a side table. Tie the vines together using strings if required. A fresh look and beauty are guaranteed! You can use real flowers or artificial flower vines to create this floral decoration style.

2. Flowers in a Pot for Home Decor

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This one is available online to buy too. Have some old dried flowers you are thinking of throwing? Please don’t. Take a water-filled pot and add some floating candles onto it. Now, place the dried flowers (or real flowers) without the stem in the pot and make them float in its water. Add some fragrant oil for better essence. This will make your room smell and feel great.

3. Traditional Flowers in Strings for Home Decor

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We know you are familiar with the pooja decorations at home – the marigolds tied in strings enhancing the home beauty. Yes, the aim is to revisit the idea of simple flower decoration for pooja at home. You can get a thread, tie some flowers and make a garland for the entrance of your home. By adding leaves or berries or other flowers into the garland, you can change the look and keep the charm. This is one of the most eminent flower decoration ideas for the home that keeps the traditional vibe intact too.

4. Flowers Framed for Home Decor

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Using frames in itself is an aesthetic decor idea and when you add flowers to those frames, the space becomes more cheerful. You can buy or make a frame that has pressed flowers inside and keep it on the centre table or upon your cupboard to give a nice look to your room. Adding more vibrant coloured flowers will add more taste to the decor.

5. Flowers in a Basket for Home Decor

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Using the basket, a tin, a can or teapots to bind beautiful real flowers is a great idea if you can drain the water somehow. You can easily make a hole into the can or the basket and can save the flowers, keeping them alive and fresh. You may hang them using a hook and a jute rope and you will get a nice decor for your home. A similar effect can be created using artificial flowers too.

6. Floral Chandelier for Home Decor

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Another simple flower decoration idea for an engagement at home or a little auspicious ceremony is a flower chandelier. A chandelier is something that is associated with royalty and what could be better and innovative than having a floral chandelier at your home. You can tie that to the ceiling to highlight a specific wall, center or corner of a room.

7. Amazing Flower Balls for Home Decor

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What’s better to look at than flower balls made up of cute little flowers. You can make a flower ball yourself by combining different flowers and tying them in the shape of a circular ball. Hang the ball at the center of your room or the corridor and enjoy the beauty.

8. Teacup and Saucer Flower Arrangement for Home Decor

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This arrangement is not common and adds much beauty to your home. It is one of the simplest flower decorating ideas for home. You can simply put 1 or 2 teacups with matching plates together with flower arrangements in them to enhance your table decor.

9. Hanging Poms Poms of Silk Flowers for Home Decor

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To make these beautiful flower poms use only the flower heads and not the leaves. Since they are made from Styrofoam balls and silk flowers, these are very lightweight and easy to hang. They will fit in with all types of décor and will look great in any room. You can create them with any colour that you like, so they can easily be made to fit your current style of décor. You can also use them to make a baby shower or wedding shower decor feel a little extra special.

10. Wreath with Flowers for Home Decor

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There is no doubt in saying that grapevine wreaths are timeless, and nowadays hand-painted pinecone flowers are totally in style. All you need to do is simply put them together for the perfect floral home decoration. You can add dozens of pinecone flowers to the wreath all except the top center of the wreath. In that space, you can add a pretty burlap or a ribbon bow. You can hand paint each of the flowers in a beautiful hue of orange, red, purple or yellow. Gold can be added to the center of each to make it stand out. This wreath would look great on a front door, in a hallway, or as part of a gallery wall in your house. You can create them in your own style.

11. Boho Style Floral Hoop Wreath For Home Decor

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This floral decor is truly one of a kind. It is meant to be hung from the ceiling because there is no front or back. At the bottom, inside of the sphere, flowers and green is tucked in to create the focal point. Greens trail both up and down, giving this piece a lot of life. The flowers are beautiful shades of blush and pink and include rosebuds as well as open roses. The piece includes a twine hoop for hanging. You can even go for small succulent plants as no doubt they will look equally pretty.

12. Burlap Message Board with Paper Flowers For Home Decor

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This little message board is nothing else but cool. It is made of the wooden board, but the background is completely wrapped in burlap for a country chic look. It has twine with mini wooden clothespins to hold photos, business cards, greeting cards or anything other little mementos. It is adorned with cute, little flowers made from book pages and sheet. They are tea-dyed to add interest and give them some extra dimension. It would be perfect for a dorm room, bedroom or kitchen.

13. Centerpiece Made with Silk Roses For Home Decor

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This centrepiece is simple yet elegant. This can be in any colour that you like. This could be used as a centrepiece on a table or a mantle, and it could just as easily sit beside a framed picture on a shelf.

14. Pretty Lampshade with Flowers For Home Decor

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The best floral home decoration ideas are often completely covered in flowers and this one is no exception. All you can do is cover your lampshade with beautiful silk flowers. You could also use white gauze and dye it any colour that you want. Keep in mind that darker colours will allow less light to come through than lighter colours. Each of the flowers is carefully handcrafted to look like a delicate rose and then applied to the lampshade. This is delicate enough to look nice in a baby’s room and sophisticated enough to look great in a living room as well.

15. Whimsical Garland with Felt Flowers For Home Decor

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If you are looking for one of the best flower decoration for your home then this is the one. The flowers are made in varying shades of pink, rose and blush. Varying shades of green-coloured leaves are added in between the flowers. This garland will add a whimsical storybook-like feel to your baby or child’s room and is sophisticated enough to use in grown-up spaces as well. It would look fabulous around a bathroom mirror, hanging above a picture on the sun porch, or as a decoration for a baby or wedding shower.

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