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How to Arrange a Fantastic Candy Land Theme Birthday Party for Your Kid

Kids love to live in fantasy. It is part of their growth and one of the reasons why they are much happier than the grow-ups! Birthdays are certainly one of those major occasions that every child is eagerly waiting for. It is the day when he is the hero of the day and is the centre of attention of his parents, family members and friends. A Candy Land theme birthday party for kids can be a great way to celebrate this occasion where fantasy meets the real world.

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Order A Candy Land Theme Birthday Banner and Photo booth

Candy Land themed banner for the cake cutting area. It can be stuck or strung to the wall behind the cake table. It is made of printed high-quality flex – a rubber plastic sheet which can be folded or rolled like regular table covers. It is reusable as well.

Planning an Event?

candy land theme backdrop

Make the day truly Fantastic

Candy land is an imaginary place where there are rivers of chocolates and trees grow toffees and candies instead of fruits. Which child wouldn’t love to go to this land? This is a birthday party theme which you can use a lot of creativity in. Right from sending creative invitations to decorations, menus, party favors and games, it can be a great way to make your child’s most important day most memorable as well.

Plan your way to the Candy Land

Just because it’s a kid’s party, don’t underestimate the amount of work you will need to do. In fact, kid’s birthday parties can be more challenging as you have to stay a lot more flexible and adaptive. You may need to buy or rent things such as costumes, a chocolate fountain, chocolate decorations, tables, chairs, etc. Make a list of everything right from the plates, glasses, napkins to decorative pieces that you will need for the party.

Choose Innovative Candy Land Themed Invitations

When sending invitations for a candy land party, be as imaginative as a child. Send a candy-bar along with an invitation card to hint the guests about the theme. Decorate the invitation envelops with candy land or rainbow stickers and some curling ribbons or confetti. Don’t forget to add some fun message in the invitation. Even a poetic invitation message can be a fun way to warm-up the guests for the fun ahead.

Plan Fun decorations for Candy Land Theme

It’s a kid’s party and hence it has to be colourful. Lots of contrasting colour-combinations are the way to go. Use a rainbow of colours to enliven the candy land. Decorate the floor of the room to resemble the candy-land board game. All the guests should be wearing candy land character costumes to suit the theme. Set up the tables with candy land decorations using houses, trees, woods, forests, etc. made of peanut brittles, candies, lollypops, peppermint, gingerbread, etc.

Organize Candy Land Themed Party Food

Pizzas, burgers, finger chips, etc. are favourite food items for any kid’s party. Add some more fun with decorating food items in creative ways. Using a cookie cutter to shape sandwiches into different shapes, decorating cupcakes with candies, etc. will be a great way to make the food items more fun to eat. Offer various candy items like candy necklaces, candy apples, cotton candy, etc. Ice creams with toppings of cherries, fruits, nuts, candies, etc. will make a great dessert.

Candy Land Themed Party Games and Favours

Let the children use their creativity and imagination to play fun games. They can build delicious peanut brittle houses, build the tallest gumdrop mountain, or decorate gingerbread cookies. Some of the great ideas for party favours include candy rings, candy necklaces, candy crafts, candy or rainbow stickers, cookie cutters, etc.

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