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Best Game Ideas For Kids Party using Balloons!

Balloons can be used to entertain kids with an endless array of activities. Balloon games are loved by kids and adults alike. Hence, we have compiled a list of balloon games for parties, get-togethers, reunions, corporate retreats etc. Not only children’s even adults love to play with balloons as they are adorable and brings a smile at everyone’s face.

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Surprise Gift

surprise gift

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Inflate lots of balloons; fill them with toffees, toys, lollies, chewing gums. Let the kids pop the balloons using darts or pins. They may even use their nails to pop the balloons and to get their surprise gift(s).

Save Your Balloon

Save Your Balloon

You can make kids play this game in a group. Each kid is given a balloon with a string tied to their wrist. They should protect their balloon while bursting everyone else’s. The kid who is able to protect his balloon till the end of the game is the winner.

Painting with Balloon

Balloon Painting

For each of the kids, pour some colours into a plate and place a large sheet of paper beside it. Ask the kids to inflate their balloons or you can do it for them. Then ask the kids to paint onto their paper using their balloon. This activity can be done individually or as a group.

Balloon Races

Balloon Races

Make 2 or more teams for this relay-like game. The teams have to start from a starting line. All teams to stand parallel in rows. Place 5 balloons in each team’s carton at the ending line. At the start, 1 player from each team has to run towards their carton and bring a balloon back to the starting line. Then, the 2nd player from each team has to get started and bring back the 2nd balloon. The team that brings back all the balloons from their carton in the shortest duration is the winner.

Drawing on Balloons

Drawing on Balloon

Have some colour pens or sketch pens. Ask the kids to write/draw on their balloon. The kid who writes/ draws most without accidental bursts is the winner.

Catch the Balloon

catch the Balloon

Toss the balloon in the air and call out one kid’s name. Ask the kid to catch the balloon before it touches the ground. If the kid succeeds, ask him to toss the balloon and call the next name.

Pop the Balloon

Pop The Balloon Game

Take 5 or more chairs and place one inflated balloon on each chair (use tapes to fix them). Ask kids to burst/pop the balloon by using their body weight (sitting). The one who bursts the balloon first is the winner.

Match with the Balloon Colour

Match the color

Have the kids sit in a circle. Pin a coloured paper on each kid’s dress (colours used should be the colour of the balloons). Put the inflated balloons in the middle of the circle, one balloon for each kid.
Start the music and ask the kids to walk around the balloons. When the music stops, call out the colour. The child with that colour paper has to find the matching balloon and hold it up. Continue the game until each kid has a matching balloon.

Seize the Balloon

Seize the Balloon

Inflate as many balloons as you can and place them on the floor. Each kid is given 1 minute to pick up and hold as many balloons as they can (seize). Ask the kids to hold the balloons anywhere they like (between legs, under the arms, using their teeth, in their clothes…). The kid who has the most is the winner.

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