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Best Proposal Ideas for Your Better Half!

Finally, you’ve made your mind and found the one with whom you wanna spend and share your life with, but wondering how to pop the question? Asking for a girl’s hand for marriage is one of the biggest moments of your life as it is going to be remembered for the rest of your lives. And, if you want to create an extraordinary marriage proposal that stays in your golden memories then below we have compiled some of our favourite wedding proposals ideas for you to get inspired. No matter if you want something private, simple, extravagant or romantic – we’ve got you covered!

So, if you’re on a lookout for a proposal setup that’s going to blow your lover’s mind away, then what are you waiting for – Christmas?! Start scrolling. 

Classic Romantic Proposal

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Let your love blossom by the traditional proposal with lovely flowers. It is simple and classic as you just need to make a trail of flower petals with candles on the floor at your home that leads towards the living room play some soft music to give romantic feels. Make sure to decorate the room elegantly with flowers or with balloons, we are sure this romantic proposal is bound to guarantee a YESS!

Let Your Pet Do The Talk

If she is a pet lover then this is for you! Let your pet be your partner in your marriage proposal. Write a short note expressing your feeling or tie a bow around your pet’s collar with the ring box attached to it. Nobody can escape the ‘aww’ factor associated with love. 

Write it out

If you love writing then you can use your talent to propose as you can write a poem to your spouse. Create a poem or write a short story that ends in a way asking for her hand in marriage. You need to stay patient and wait for her surprised expression in the end. 

If you are not a writer but she loves reading then worry not. Pick up their favourite book hold out a portion and put the ring there or you can tie the ring with the bookmark. Imagine her pretty face when she finds out!

Get Adventurous

If you and your partner love adventure then you can show your love with the marine life by scuba diving or say it to her in the air when you are flying up in the sky in a hot air balloon. Remember there would not be much space for bending but what can be more exciting than flyin’ in the mid-air and proposing her for the wedding! Hope that she say yes with this lovely proposal.

Movie Date

If you both have equal love for the cinema why not plan a movie date and propose her there. You will have two benefits after this movie date first you will watch another good movie with each other and second your life movie gets start rolling! You can rent the entire movie theatre and play a video as a short movie before the actual movie comes up. 

Family Dinner Date 

If you and your loved one are family orientated then this proposal is for you. Invite your closest people to witness the happiest moment of your life. You can propose her when dessert comes along, surprise her with a ring or you can propose a toast to get everyone’s attention and then go for the big question!

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