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Tips to Stay Healthy This Summer!!

Soon summer season is going to be here and so it’s harsh effects. Summer season can be too harsh in some of the parts in India and the harsh effects of the hot season can drain off your energy, making you prone to diseases, vomiting, nausea, prickly heat and low blood pressure. The scorching heat in summers also affects people in the form of heat stroke, sunburns, dehydration, etc. There is no doubt in saying that a change in season calls a change in routine including our diet. It is very important to be careful during the summer season by taking the proper precautions and keeping yourself protected as the temperature rises. 

Stay Hydrated

One should always keep themselves hydrated by consuming lots of water. It is suggested to drink ample water for your day-to-day activities and exercises. For the coming season, it is recommended to carry a water bottle with you whenever you go out. In summers as the heat goes up, it results in excessive sweating, that leads to reduce your energy level making you feel dull whole day. 

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What to Drink to Stay Hydrated?

To keep oneself hydrated throughout the day, stick to the basics and drink these before you start to feel thirsty, plain water, coconut water, water flavoured with lemon and cucumber slices, herbal tea, iced tea or rooibos tea. Try avoiding commercial sugar-and-chemical-laden commercial sports drinks.


Take Smaller Meals

Avoid heavy meals like fast foods, junk food, etc as it is difficult in summers to digest heavy meals and it also makes you lazy and increases your body cholesterol that affects your health badly. Try making your meals small, light and frequent in the summers. 

What to Eat in Summers?

One should eat lots of seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables that have high water content like watermelon, tomatoes, oranges, etc. Add juices. sprouted beans, yogurt and salads in your diet. They will help you nourish with proteins and other essential nutrients.


Stay Protected from Sun

Summers are harsh for skin due to the extreme sun rays. Summers can cause heavy damage to the skin if proper care is not taken. Even excessive sweat and oil can cause troublesome irritation leading to rashes and exacerbation of acne. 

How to Stay Protected?

To protect yourself from the sun apply on your face, arms and other exposed body parts, a good sunscreen that is waterproof. Avoid going out in high temperatures during the day time. Try washing your face frequently with cold water or keep wet tissues to wipe a sweaty face to avoid acne problems. Use natural homemade face packs with aloe vera gel or sandalwood powder as it will help to soothe your skin. 


Provide Nutrients to Your Body

In summers it is important to take proper nutritional supplements that can support you with a greater amount of physical energy and helps you increase your summer activities. Even doctors suggest doing so as summers are a little stressful for our health. 

Which Nutrients to take?

It is suggested by the medical experts to take B-complex vitamins and Vitamin C as it helps in relaxing the nervous system and are quite helpful for cellular energy production. It is also helpful as the other antioxidants protect your body from stress, chemical pollutants and biochemical by-products of exercise.

Stay healthy during this summer by using these tips that will help you taking care of yourself and your loved ones!

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