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Carnival themed birthday party

A carnival is all about pomp and show – festivities, music, dancing and lots and lots of funfairs. Then there’s food – delicious cuisines and of course bright colors and hues, decorations and adornments that characterize a carnival. Carnival themed parties are quite popular, especially during birthdays because the mood at a carnival matches perfectly with that of a birthday party. For birthday parties with carnival theme, the best place is outdoors – the backyard or your beautiful garden. Such themed parties are a huge success with kids as well as adults and hence worth the try.
No carnival theme is complete without the conventional circus theme. Starting from the birthday cake that can be baked and frosted with circus colors, clowns, lions and elephants to setting up tables and the entire scene replicating the setting of a circus, a lot can be done to make it all look realistic. Lots of popcorns, cotton candies, balloons, darts, rings to toss, and other such decorations that will transport your guests into the world of circus and comedians.
The first thing is the invitation that helps set the mood and then the decorations to create that circus and carnival ambiance. Let’s go step by step here in getting that perfect carnival theme birthday party organized for an upcoming birthday.

Invite – the invites could be hard copies or even computer-generated ones. Some invite ideas are – a popcorn bag invite; a carnival theme invites; an invite shaped in the form of a tent; red and white striped background invites and others.

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Decoration – set up separate popcorn counters for the youngsters. Have the tables and chairs decked up in reds and whites? At the entrance you could invite your guests with the clowns and animal cut-outs and banners and arches, the seating area could be covered by a circus-like tent. Decorate with carnival centerpieces and lots of balloons. The birthday cake which is the center of attraction of a birthday party could also be made up of circus colors and themes.


Food – of course the popcorn is inevitable.
But other than that go in for French fries, nachos, specially made circus theme cookies, cotton candies, cone cupcakes, funnel cakes and cupcakes, caramelized apples, lollipops, clown cupcakes, carnival-themed cakes, clown shaped ice-cream and so much more.

Games – try out the dart game where you pop the balloons with darts. The other game that can be organized is where lots of stuffed animals inserted inside tin cans are set up and guests try to toss them over one-by-one. Guests can be handed over clown noses which they can wear and move around in the party. For entertainment one could hire clown dressed people, jugglers, face painters, tattoo artists, bouncy horses, bubble games.
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Return Gifts – photo frames, balloon animals, stuffed animals, carnival sippers and cups, circus shaped candies and lollipops, clown noses, circus stickers, tattoos and others.
Let the carnival theme pep up the spirits and the mood of all the guests at your party. Complete the circus theme with appropriate music so that kids and adults can dance through all the evening.

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