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COVID and Co-Working Spaces: The Future!

The traditional way and structure of working spaces added to a huge overall capital requirement to being able to run an organisation, the direct asset purchases and having to bear all those overhead costs which came with them! Co-working spaces have definitely brought about a huge change in how we work today. With all the basic amenities such as working spaces, chairs and desks, electricity, wifi available at a much lower cost than the traditional structure, all this while providing a lot more flexibility, the contract as well, and we just have to pay for only our use of the facilities, since they are shared amongst many and there are almost close to zero fixed costs involved.

It was said and estimated that by the end of the year 2020, there was going to be a rise in coworking spaces and there’d be over 26,000 coworking spaces established globally. To add to this information, existing 10% of office spaces were coworking ones already and were expected to rise by approximately 15%, to sum up to a total of 25% in the coming few years.

Will Co-working Spaces Be Able To Sustain The COVID-19 Pandemic?

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With the recent events revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic, the structure of coworking spaces was beginning to be questioned and assumptions emerged about the future of co-working spaces and some even suspected its beginning to look bleak, and sadly that’s how the entire economy has been affected because of the pandemic.

A bunch of these beliefs stem from stereotypes, past ideas and understanding of shared office spaces. Especially having neighbouring businesses only a cubical away, one can definitely have doubts about whether the social distancing and other COVID norms would be adhered to or not, besides that’s an added challenge to our work environment.

In fact, you’d be surprised as to how well a lot of co-working spaces have been adapting their facilities to make the work environment as safe as possible during this entire pandemic. They have incorporated full sanitizing facilities and have created an atmosphere to ensure physical distancing is maintained.

Are Co-working Spaces Even More Important Due To COVID-19?

We are all very aware of the general slowdown which the economy is coping with thanks to the pandemic hangover.

While the ‘work from home’ culture is the new normal and a really good advancement adapting to the current situation, it’s not a permanent solution, since there are a few roles which can only be run efficiently in a proper workspace and therefore the future of co-working spaces post COVID-19 is for sure an option which is set to create a mark and may emerge as the new norm for the workforce as work spaces. There is a very high probability of it growing beyond the domain of start-ups and freelancers and so they are likely to start attracting large corporates as well.

Shifting the ‘Work From Home’ Culture to ‘Work Near Home’ Culture

COVID-19 has already forced us to shift office work into a work-from-home culture and has taught us that work and work culture go beyond corporate offices and luxurious board-rooms. “Walk/Bike to Work” may also become a whole new trend amongst all, including corporates and there is another high possibility that professionals may start eyeing co-working spaces which will keep employees remotely connected to the workplace with proper work facilities.

We hope this gave you a much-needed perspective and is food for thought for all of you! We hope it also helps you understand the role of co-working spaces in the near future.

Happy working!!

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