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A Quick Guide to Writing a Party Invitation!!

Customised party invitations are always a really charming way to flatter your guests, and these days we are flooded with ways to customize party invitations, in fact, we can even design them from scratch. Whether the invite you intend on creating is an electronic one or a printed one, personalising it has become easier than ever before! The question we are asked a lot, however, is, How do we write one of the best invitations? Guess what?! You are in luck! We’ve got you all covered 😉

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Requisites of a Party Invitation

The most important job of a party invitation or any invite for that matter, is to inform people about a certain event, and therefore it should contain everything which is important and which needs to be known by the people who are being invited, the only exception to this is if there is a piece of information which is obvious to everyone who is to attend the event (which we should assume is never, and therefore include this piece of information too).

Planning an Event?

What all is considered as important information? is the next very obvious question which may have popped up in your head. Read on:

  • Theme/ Occasion –While you may already know this bit, here is a reminder, indicate what kind of party you are throwing, is it a wedding, a Diwali party, a birthday party, Christmas, New Years? etc. and in case you are hosting a lesser-known theme party which has any special rules or requirements make sure you specify them to the attendees.
  • Host –Remember to mention who is hosting this party and the details of the host somewhere on the invite, just in case anybody needs to get in touch to clarify or contact the host for something, such as the email or phone number, etc.
  • Who is the Invite for – When we send out an invite, we should try and be as precise as possible and therefore clarify who the invite is exactly foris it for the entire family? Is it just for one particular person? Can they bring a plus one or a date? This helps both you and the guest have a better understanding. You know who all may show up at the event and they know whether they need to come alone, or they have the invite and space to bring someone with them.
  • Date and Time – It is crucial to add this bit, so that the attendees can plan their schedule accordingly and they know exactly when and where to be for how long, therefore make sure that the time and date of the event are highlighted. Remember to also include which day of the week the event is on.
  • Venue – Where is the event being held? If it’s a restaurant add the name of the place, the address and give a landmark – which can help identify the place easily, if the event is being held at your house, add the address to your house, if it’s an office party, add the location and the address of the building/room number. If you are creating an e-invite, consider including a map based location.
  • RSVP – If you have attendees who need to RSVP, ensure that you are adding it in the note section at the end of the invite. Remember to include how they can respond and a deadline as well.

And lastly, remember to KISS it! – Keep It Short and Simple.

Invitations are so visually appealing if they are made keeping in mind the vibe of the event and then matching the aesthetics of the invite to the theme.  It’s also important to ensure that the invite is short, crisp and concise, that way it’s to the point, does its job and ensures the person gets the message without causing any confusion!

We hope this helped, have a look at our other articles and get clarity and help on various other topics! Party Hard!

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