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101 Guide to Bridal Jewelry – What to Buy!

Bridal jewellery is the quintessential element of every bride’s wardrobe, even if you are one that chooses to go light on the jewellery and heavy on the attire — with an endless choice of designs and style options in the market— it can be a pretty overwhelming experience overall. Having a clear cut understanding of the fundamentals of the kind of bridal jewellery out there can help you narrow down your options more easily, making the entire process a lot smoother. Moreover, your bridal jewellery is probably going to get handed down for generations and become an integral part of your family’s heritage, it is, therefore, necessary you make an informed decision. To help you choose the right kind of jewellery, here we have listed the options available in the market. Read on to choose right and buy smartly!

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Diamond Bridal Jewellery

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Every woman’s best friend — she fantasizes of owning diamonds one day. 

What better than her wedding day to let the genie out of the bottle and grant her this wish? These rare, expensive elements are a lifetime investment, worth every buck. For the modern bride that wishes to go light on her jewellery and heavy on the attire, this is a perfect choice (of course, only till it fits your budget. There are plenty other options as well). They are ideal if you want to own a set that won’t only be utilised on your wedding day but can be adorned on other occasions too. 

Silver Bridal Jewellery

Not your usual bridal pick but for the hatke modern bride, this could be an out-of-the-box option. Incorporate silver ornaments in your bridal ensemble and make a statement. Go for oxidised silver for a more rustic look. It could be the perfect option for pre-wedding functions, too.

Gold Bridal Jewellery

This one’s a no brainer. Not a popular choice in these times, but an evergreen one, nevertheless. Either go for chunky ornaments and dress like a royal queen or go for a mix and match set and incorporate some gold bauble in your ensemble here and there. Choose gold to be the traditional bride you’ve always dreamt of being. 

Jadau Bridal Jewellery

Involving the craft of setting precious or semi-precious stones in gold, versatile jadau jewellery is ideal for the versatile bride. It can be mixed and matched with other ornaments or bought as changeable, detachable units.  The finesse and precision that goes into its making put it on the higher end of the price chart. However, it’s an excellent investment nevertheless. Even though Kundan and Polki also involve the use of precious and semi-precious stones, jadau can be differentiated by carefully observing the delicate embedding in gold. 

Meenakari Bridal Jewellery

If you’re more into a budget-friendly colourful ensemble, meenakari could just be the right choice for you. Filling the grooves of gold/silver ornaments designed around gods, goddesses, birds and animals, using bright enamels is what defines the craft of Meenakari. It’s an ideal choice for all pre- and post-wedding functions and timeless addition to your bridal trousseau. 

Kundan Bridal Jewellery

This traditional piece of jewellery that originated in Rajasthan involves elaborate layers of stone and precious metals on glass stones that are set in gold. Kundan is different from Polki but might confuse a novice. They differ in lustre and weight— Kundan being lightweight and less shiny than Polki which lowers Kundan’s price range significantly. An elegant option for the future bride running on a budget. 

Polki Bridal Jewellery

This style of jewellery comes as raw as they get — dating back to the Mughal era and the desert royals of Rajasthan and Gujarat — unpolished, unprocessed and uncut diamonds set in gold give life to the beautiful Polki Jewelry. The diamond and gold combo gives Polki a luminescent look. Their raw quality and exuberant lustre make them a little heavy on the pockets but a purchase totally worth it!

Gemstone Bridal Jewellery

Classy, elegant and value for money, Gemstone jewellery is a favourite pick among modern brides. This jewellery is crafted out of precious and semi-precious stones like Emerald, Sapphire, Jade, Rose Quartz and Ruby. These timeless pieces add a royal look to your bridal ensemble and can be adorned at pre- and post-wedding functions alike.

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