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Everything You Need to Know About Face Powders!!

As there are various kinds of face powders available in the market, it can be quite a tough call to select the correct one. There are various factors to be determined before making a decision. The purchase depends on your skin colour, skin tone, and skin texture also on the occasion, time of day.

Okay, Why Should I Use Face Powders?

Face powders work like magic if you have oily skin, or after certain period our face starts looking greasy, the face powder therefore instantly makes your face glow. Also, if you have applied foundation, contour, bronzer, or shimmer, everything lasts longer when we put face powder after that.

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What’s The Difference Between Finishing Powder, HD Powder, Setting Powder, Pressed Powder, and Loose Powder?

Finishing Powder – After your makeup is done, finishing powder is meant to be applied and it aims to lock your foundation in place while offering a subtle blur of pores, wrinkles, fine lines and irregular texture to the skin.

HD Powder – HD powders are substantially the same as finishing powders. HD powders are popular among professional makeup artists who do makeup for film stars to gear up them to appear flawless on film or camera.

Setting powder – For a long-lasting, flawless skin and shinning skin, setting powders are applied. The setting powders are available in two forms, loose and pressed.

Pressed Powder – Pressed powder is primarily used to set liquid foundation/concealer so that the makeup lasts longer and does not move around, or rub off of your skin. It can also be formed into foundations and used as a base for your entire makeup routine or added to liquid foundation to build up coverage.

 Loose powders – Loose Powders are more granule and they contain fewer oils. They are specifically for oily skin it controls the oil your face develops throughout the day. 

Should I Use a Face Powder that Matches My Skin Tone Or One That’s Translucent?

It’s on you to choose, we know our skin better than anyone, 

Skin Tone Powder –The Powder that suits your skin tone blend perfectly and adds a glamour look. It helps to conceal the scars and makes the complexion looks even.

Translucent Powder – This Translucent powder flawlessly matches all skin tones. It blends with the complexion instead of sitting on top of the skin.

Can I Wear Face Powder on Bare Skin?

Well hell yes! It will kill the oily look and makes your look almost impeccable.

The right amount to be blended with the bare skin is a must-try.

How to apply and blend face powders:

Foremost, choose the powder as per your skin tone, take two brushes a fluffy one, and one with dense bristles—a kabuki brush is perfect.

Step One: On your skin, firstly apply and put in the SPF, primer, foundation and concealer.

Step two: Sprinkle some powder into the lid, and then dip your big, fluffy brush into it.

Step Three: Apply on your face, beginning from the centre and moving in big circles toward the outside. Lastly, apply your blush, bronzer and highlight over top.

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