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Exquisite Toe Ring Designs to Steal the Millenial Bride’s Heart

A bride’s jewelry ensemble is so very precious to her for a number of reasons. Made up of small and big pieces of jewelry, a bridal jewelry set is incomplete without its smallest piece- the toe ring. A small, yet very significant part of the bridal look, toe rings are a little difficult to choose. Gone are the days when toe rings had limited options and designs to choose from. There are a plethora of toe rings available today for you to choose from.

You can match them with your bridal lehenga, select a toe ring design you have always wanted to wear or opt for one that can be worn with all your bridal outfits alike. We have narrowed it down to a few brilliant designs that will definitely steal your heart!

The Ghungroo Design Toe Ring

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First on the list is the thick string of tiny ghungroos fashioned into a toe ring. A piece of bridal jewelry set with ghungroos looks delicately traditional and beautiful. You can choose either silver or golden ghnungroo toe rings, as per your bridal outfit. It is one design that will make your toe rings noticeable and will also add to your fashion statement.

The Golden Round Toe Rings

The simplest and most commonly worn toe rings are golden and round in design. Simple golden designs that are big, whether the single ring or double ring, usually complement almost every bride’s feet. A simple basic design is what can never go wrong. Dark red, bright red, wine, pastels, whatever is the color of your bridal lehenga, broad and round simple golden toe rings are sure to match it well.

The Oxidized Gypsy Toe Rings

Next on the list, is a toe ring design, especially for the ultracool bride! If you are a fan of oxidized jewelry or love bold and maximalist designs, an oxidized gypsy toe ring is the word. A lot of brides these days are pairing up oxidized jewelry pieces with their mehndi and sangeet outfits. Why not go bold and make this fashion statement a part of your big day. Oxidized gypsy toe rings are visibly big in design and trendy in style.

The Floral Toe Ring

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If you like sticking to the tried and tested jewelry designs or have a keen love for traditional pieces of jewelry, a floral toe ring design is what you will absolutely adore. Flower patterns go really well with bridal outfits. Whether it is your Haldi ceremony, an evening sangeet function, a small puja, or the big grand wedding day itself, a floral toe ring, one or two on each foot, will look stunning without a doubt. Floral toe rings are these days are studded with emerald or rubies in gold or you can also go for a Kundan floral tor ring, which is extremely sophisticated in its design and a flawless choice, to complete your wedding look.

The Royal Rajasthani Toe Ring

Fond of royal patterns of jewelry from the olden times? Well, then you are sure to love a Rajasthani-style toe ring. Rajasthani toe ring patterns have a complicated design in miniature embedded in gold or silver, with crystals or gemstones studded alongside, as per your preference. If your outfit is embellished, then there is nothing better to enhance the royal look, than a Rajasthani style toe ring.

The Afghani Toe Ring

A little heavy in design and weight, Afghani toe rings are what will cowl your entire center toe but will look every bit worthy of their price. Antique and oxidized, Afghani patterns are made up of intricate metal designs and are usually very broad. Eccentric in style, they stand out from the normally worn toe ring designs. With a little touch of nomadic, Afghani toe rings are a la mode.

Ranging from earrings, necklaces, bangles, finger rings, maang tikka, Kamar bandh, to your payal and toe rings, each piece of your jewelry adds up to complete your look and even more enhance your bridal outfit. Choose a toe ring design that compliments what you are wearing and more so, a design that you would love to wear.

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