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7 Ways To Include Pearls To Your Bridal Look!

Pearls are a beautiful addition to include in your bridal look. They are simple and elegant and can be worn long after your wedding as they will never go out of style. The reason they are so popular is because of their long history. In ancient cultures, they were considered a symbol of purity and were worn on the wedding day and more important and special days. Pearls were extremely rare and only available to the royalty since they were found deep in the sea.

One tradition says that wearing pearls on your wedding day will ensure that your marriage is a happy one and you will never shed tears during it.

Pearls add an element of grace to every lady who chooses to wear them. Here are some creative ways to accommodate pearls into your bridal look!

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1. Pearl Hair Accessories for Brides

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A pearl studded headpiece on the juda or a pin in a braided hairstyle will look chic yet simple. Pearl hairdos are in trend and brides absolutely love them. They hold the power to enhance your entire look.

You can also go for a matha patti with pearl chains or a half matha patti with layered pearl chains. A pearl maang tikka also looks beautiful and adds elegance to the pallu.

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2. Pearls in Traditional Jada and Jewellery for Brides

A Jada made of pearls is another gorgeous trend, especially for lehengas with a light pallu and braided hairstyle. A Jada covers the length of your entire hair in one go and adds an extra element to it. A Jada can also be tied around a juda.

You can also go for a jaw-dropping beautiful Nath with a pearl finish. This trend is quite popular among our Bollywood divas and was worn by Anushka Sharma on her wedding day. A Nath with light pearls gives off a sophisticated vibe and charm.

P.S. if you have family heirlooms with pearls, there is no better time to show them off than your wedding!

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3. Classic Layered Pearl Pendants for Brides

 If you have a pendant that has been passed down through the generations and you would like to wear it at your wedding, give it a modern twist by getting it fitted in a layered pearl necklace or a pearl choker with a small pendant in the middle.  Pearls go with any colour or style as well, so you can definitely go for entire minimal pearl jewellery set for your wedding.

P.S. We suggest choosing a set that you will surely use after your wedding too!

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4. Pearl Footwear

If you plan on wearing a light coloured or neutral lehenga, you can pair it up with dazzling pearl footwear. There are very pretty designs available in pearl footwear that will surely go with your lehenga and will definitely make you stand out!

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5. Pearl Clutches for Brides

If you’re the bride that wants to keep her outfit minimal but still wants to make her lehenga pop, a pearl clutch or traditional potli is just the thing for you! Choose a clutch with light pearls, that match your lehenga. This will add some personality to your already stunning bridal look, and won’t look too extravagant either.

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6. Pearl Kaleere for Brides

In case you’re someone who doesn’t like pearl jewellery but loves pearls, then pearl kaleere are the perfect idea for you! This is a subtle yet sassy way to spice up your bridal look and make a fashion statement.

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7. Cute DIY Pearl Props for Wedding

If you plan on having a small cute photo booth at your wedding, you can use old items that you no longer wear, take a glue gun, add pearl strips to them and have some fun! Like an old pair of sunglasses, clips or even a hairband; add some pearls around the edges and you have a fun DIY prop ready for some funky photos.

P.S. Make this an activity to do with family and friends, and account for some bonding time with the people you love before the wedding! Or you can do this with your future husband as well, and decorate some of his old sunglasses too and get themed pictures together!

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