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First Birthday Party Ideas

Top 10 Ideas for making your kid’s First Birthday Party Spectacular!
The first birthday of a child is one of the most awaited events for parents and close family members. Though planning the first birthday of your child may be a little stressful for you, it is important to make this event totally spectacular and memorable. One must take care while planning for this birthday party that your child stays the centre of attraction in the party. In order to make this day special for your child, consider the following ten ideas when planning a first birthday party.

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1. Pay Attention to Invites

Planning an Event?

The personalized invite is a great idea. One can get a child’s picture printed on the invites. An invitation should be carefully worded in a childish tone. Later, when your child grows, this card can be a sweet remembrance for him or her. If you are planning to keep a theme for the party, the same should be reflected in the invite.

2. Tasty Food

Though you will have to plan catering according to the guests being invited to the party, you must also pay attention to your first year old’s taste and preferences. There may be many other kids close to your child’s age and they will love to nibble on potato fritters or cottage cheese cubes. There can be extra thin vegetable sandwiches too. Avoid food that may get stuck in little one’s throat.

3. The Theme of the Party

Since your child is just turning one, you can plan a theme accordingly. If you have a boy, you can plan a Ben 10, Superman or Spiderman theme. If you have a girl, you can go for a Princess or Barbie theme party.

4. List of Guests

When preparing a list of guests to be invited to the party, avoid inviting a lot of people as it may be intimidating for your child. If he or she gets cranky, the whole party will get spoiled. Only close relatives must be invited with whom your child is comfortable. Neighbourhood kids can also be invited with whom your child is familiar.

5. Timing of the Party

When planning a party for a one-year-old, it is recommended to think about the appropriate timing of the party. If party time coincides with the nap time of the child, it can become a tough situation. Your child may want to sleep and get irritated if not able to…

6. Party Venue

It is best to organize the first birthday party at your home. Your child is familiar with the place where he or she lives and will not require any adjustment to the new place. It will be convenient if your child still breastfeeds.

Alternatively, if you have a guest list that wouldn’t fit in your home, it would be a good idea to choose a nice club or banquet hall close to your place. Check to ensure they have an adjacent private room that can be used to feed a baby or change her diapers.

7. Hire Entertainers

Depending upon the guests you are inviting, take your pick from the following entertainers that you can hire for the D-day.
– Magician
– Clowns
– Tattoo Artist
– Fortune Teller
– DJ (not very loud for babies)
– Ghazal/Qawwali Singers
– You might like to display photos of your baby with close family members and friends on a screen…

8. Party Games

Winter Games

If your child is a winter baby, some indoor games can be organized. You can give crayons and drawing sheets to little ones invited to the party. They can stay involved in drawing and colouring for some time and enjoy a good time.

Summer Games

If your child’s birthday falls during summers, there are a lot of options for keeping kids occupied. Kids can play ball or enjoy slides. Softballs or toys can be placed in a big area where kids can enjoy a good time throwing them at each other.

9. Treat Bags

Every child loves to get return gifts. You can prepare treat bags for your Lil’ guests but at the same time, you need to ensure that there is nothing kid-unfriendly (pointed things or things that can get stuck in their throats) in them.

10. Wrap Gifts in Bright Coloured Paper

Kids easily get attracted to bright colours. Thus, when packing return gifts, brightly coloured wrapping papers must be used to wrap thoughtful gifts perfect for little guests.

You can use the above-mentioned ideas for making the first birthday party of your child a memorable one.

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