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Gorgeous Hairstyles for Indian Brides 2024

Looking for a hairstylist for a hairdo on your wedding might not be at the top of your long list of preparations if you’re an Indian bride. After all, you’re probably engaged in several distinct pre-wedding rituals that take place over several days much before the wedding. You are probably caught up in so many other rituals and kind of exhausted when it comes time to decide on your beauty look. This is because each of those pre-wedding ceremonies involves changing your clothes and jewellery. Worry not! We have gathered some of the top most gorgeous-looking hairstyles especially for Indian brides to choose from.

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Voluminous Bun – a Choice of Every Bride

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This is a famous and most wanted hairdo for all bride types. For a stylish look, brides can opt for a combination of a deep side part with a voluminous, structured bun. The artist gives the bride’s hair a high-shine finish, which only enhances her iridescent, ethereal beauty. 

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Sleek and Elegant Bun

This type of hairdo is especially known for brides who want to show their exclusive jewellery. If you want your jewellery to stand out, keep your hair in a sleek bun and keep your hair simple. The extreme side part gives off a more polished appearance of the bride. 

Wavy Look for a Contemporary Bride

Nowadays brides look for a natural wavy look and appearance. The lehengas worn by modern Indian brides are white and ivory with brightly coloured jewellery and accents. They prefer leaving their hair loose with natural waves are the ideal way to keep things simple and show off your brightly coloured dupatta. 

Ringlet Shaped Bun

If you want to wear an elegant look to your wedding ceremonies, try this gorgeous ringlet bun.

Brides with Hair Covered with Dupatta and Maang Tikka

The bride’s dramatic tikka, also known as a matha patti, and intricately patterned dupatta do all the talking. The brides who prefer this style, add some curls to natural hair to enhance it, giving this look a beautiful texture that emphasises the dupatta and jewellery.

Traditional Indian Brides with Thick Braids with Jasmine

This particular look has been carried forward for ages and never grows out of fashion. This look never fails for the most traditional Indian brides. It is a thick braid with jasmine woven through it. The bride’s earrings and gold hairpieces are highlighted by the sleek style and give a rich look and feel.

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The Twisted Pony 

If you’re going to a cocktail party or wearing a gown, this is the most twisted ponytail you can get away with for a perfect hairdo. 

Flowers are a Wonderful Way to Add Colour, Fun, and Freshness to a Style 

We advise choosing flowers like roses, carnations, or orchids that have petals that are firmly rooted in the bud. Adding a floral bun with U-shaped hairpins to fasten the flowers can be a great hairdo. 

Straight Hair with the Effect of a Blow Dryer

Straightening your hair with a blow dryer can give you a simple yet stunning wedding look. Any hair stylist near you can give the bride a look of sleek, shiny, and straight hair to match well with the bride’s gown and add sophistication to their look.

Ponytail Style Bun

Pulling your hair back into a ponytail is one way to flaunt a high-collar wedding ensemble or stunning earrings. This gives a polished appearance and looks trendy.

Flower Bun for a South Indian Bride

For traditional South Indian brides, this is the most apt look. Flowers represent luck and prosperity; South Indian brides prefer getting dresses with flower buns. The braided hair instantly takes on a dreamy and, unsurprisingly, jaw-dropping appearance when covered in florals.

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Tiarra Braid Style 

Choose this lovely tiara braid to add a twist to your traditional and culturally inspired wedding attire. This is a choice of most contemporary brides. 

Pinned Hairstyle with Traditional Accessorise

This stunning bride chose a sophisticated look that could easily go from day to night. Her pinned-back hairstyle was accessorised with a custom tikka and matching gold jewellery, making it equally glam and sophisticated. This hairdo works well for all brides and is preferred. 

Princess Hairstyle

If you are not wearing a dupatta or maybe if you are carrying it on your shoulders, then this hairstyle is perfect for your wedding events.

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