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How to plan Parent’s Retirement Party

We all have seen our parents rushing to work and coming back tired yet smiling to keep our spirits high. After all the hard work and professional achievements, the day when they retire from work finally arrives. Retirement parties are big these days with many of us trying to make our parent’s retirement day special by honoring them and throwing a party for them. With some thought and efforts, any one can throw a memorable retirement party for their parents.

Here are few tips to get you started with the planning.

Start with Pen and Paper

Keep pen and paper handy

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Don’t forget to write down every detail regarding the party. From the guest list to venue selection, budget to theme decorations for the party, gifts to catering, one must ensure everything is written.

A Well Thought Guest List

party guest list
One must prepare the guest list keeping the emotions and relationship values their parents completely abide by. The guest list must include the near and dear relatives, parents friends and colleagues they met at their work place. One cannot afford to miss and not invite any of these valuable people who walked with them through all the ups and downs of their life.

Plan as per Your Budget

parents retirement party budget

Do not let your parents help you with the preparations and contribute to the budget. They must sit back and relax as they are the guests of honour. While preparing within the set budget, one can get creative with theme, invitations, activities, food and return gifts.

Theme Selection and Sending out the Invitations

retirement party theme and invitation

The theme of the party must be as per your parent’s tastes, hobbies, habits or a routine. For example, it can be vacation-inspired, say, goa-themed party, a religious prayer-event Or a marathon-themed event. For a parent who still wishes to work on a new venture, the party can be to “Welcome A New Entrepreneur”! 🙂

A new chapter of new exploration is about to start for your parent. He/She might have some jitters, concerns regarding the future. Thanking them for their contributions to the family and motivating them for the new journey ahead will help them sail happily. Invites can be planned as per the theme. You can get as creative as you want.

Special Attractions

parents retirement party special attractions

The party must have some personalized set of activities and surprises. Hosts can give a short speech about their parents expressing their love and affection for them. You may also create a video collage of memories and achievements of your parents and play them on a digital screen.

Food for Thought

parents retirement party food and drinks

Do include your parent’s favourite dishes while planning the menu. You may give interesting names to the food items after your parent’s name. It will add some humour to the party.

Return Gifts

parents retirement party return gift

Personalized return gifts should be best. They’d remind the guests of their association with your parents and the memories they created together. Have a great time planning a great Retirement Party for your parent(s)!

And do share your great ideas with us in the comments section below. Cheers!

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