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Latest Trends in Wedding Dresses for Men: Indian Edition

In the vibrant and colorful world of Indian weddings, men’s fashion has experienced a renaissance, embracing both the grandeur of tradition and the flair of modernity. As these celebratory events become more elaborate, the choice of mens Indian wedding attire has expanded from the classic sherwani and kurta to include Indo-Western outfits and even sleek Western suits. Today, a groom’s attire is not just about reflecting cultural heritage but also about personal style and comfort, catering to a diverse array of preferences and traditions.

This article delves into the latest trends in wedding dress for men, highlighting the resurgence of traditional garments, the popularity of Indo-Western fusion, and the timeless appeal of designer sherwanis. From the versatility of Nehru jackets to the bold statement of bandhgalas, and the allure of vibrant colors and rich fabrics, we dissect how to accessorize to perfection. Embracing these wedding outfits for men honors centuries-old traditions and charts a path of contemporary elegance and style.

The Resurgence of Traditional Attires

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In the tapestry of Indian weddings, the resurgence of traditional attires among grooms is a vibrant thread weaving through the fabric of contemporary fashion. The quintessential Sherwani, a long coat-like garment, stands as a testament to timeless elegance, often chosen by grooms for its regal appearance. Alongside, the diverse palette of traditional wear expands to include:

  • Kurta Pyjama sets, offering a blend of simplicity and sophistication.
  • Pathani Kurta Pajama, embodying a rugged charm with its loose silhouette.
  • Art Silk Kurta Pajama in Gold, adding a touch of opulence to the traditional attire.
  • Green Achkan suit paired with a cream kurta and salwar, ideal for achieving a traditional look with a hint of color, perfect for a friend’s wedding.

These garments are not just clothing but a canvas showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India. The current wedding trends for men celebrate this heritage, with a spotlight on fusion outfits and modern silhouettes while maintaining the essence of tradition through pastel shades and traditional sherwanis adorned with rich embroidery.

Comfort plays a pivotal role in the selection of wedding attire, with grooms increasingly opting for lightweight fabrics like silk blends, Banarasi georgette, and cotton silk. This shift towards comfort does not compromise on style but rather enhances it, allowing for a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The influence of Western fashion is also notable, with grooms incorporating suits and tuxedos for pre-wedding functions and receptions, showcasing the versatility of Indian menswear.

As we delve into the myriad of options available for Indian grooms, from the stately Bandhgala Suit to the elegant Jodhpuri Suit, and the versatile Nehru jackets paired with kurtas, it’s clear that the landscape of Indian wedding attire is as diverse as it is rich. The trend leans towards unique, personalized outfits that not only reflect the groom’s style and personality but also pay homage to the grandeur of Indian traditions. In 2024, the resurgence of traditional Indian men’s wedding attire is marked by a delightful blend of traditional and contemporary styles, catering to a wide array of tastes and fashion sensibilities, proving that grooms have as many outfit options as their bridal counterparts.

Embracing Modernity with Indo-Western Fusion

Embracing the fusion of Indian and Western styles has become a hallmark of modernity in mens Indian wedding attire, reflecting a sophisticated blend of cultures that resonates deeply with today’s globalized society. This trend, popular in 2023, showcases how traditional elements can be harmoniously combined with modern aesthetics to create stunning wedding ensembles that are both unique and culturally rich. Key trends include:

  • Indo-Western Sherwanis: These garments ingeniously integrate Indian fabrics and embroidery with Western cuts, making them a sought-after choice for grooms seeking a blend of tradition and modernity. For instance, the Saris and Things Sari Indo-Western Sherwani in Cerulean Blue represents an authentic take on this trend, available for rent for those looking to make a statement without a long-term investment.
  • Modern Fusion Outfits:
    • New Look Slim Suit Jacket and Slim Suit Pants in Indigo: Perfect for a multicultural fusion wedding ceremony, offering a bright blue hue that stands out.
    • Kalki Fashion Yellow Jumpsuit in Georgette: A vibrant option for those looking to break away from traditional attire and embrace a modern, yet festive look.
    • Velvet and Art Silk Indo-western dresses: Known for their luxurious looks and comfort, these options combine the best of both worlds. The dark blue Indo-western dress with floral motifs and stone clusters, paired with fawn Patiala lower and pointed jutis, is perfect for a groom aiming for elegance.
  • Trending Fusion Wear Styles:
    • Jackets with Ethnic Embellishments: Adding a traditional touch to a modern silhouette.
    • Asymmetric Kurtas: Blending traditional aesthetics with modern cuts for a unique look.
    • Dhoti Pants with Western Tops: A bold choice that marries Indian tradition with Western flair.
    • Printed Suits Incorporating Indian Motifs: Ideal for formal events, these suits bring an Indian touch to a Western style.

For those in the USA, Karmaplace is recommended as a go-to destination for exploring these Indo-Western fusion options, offering a wide selection of contemporary and stylish Indo-Westerns for grooms and their entourage. Whether opting for a classic sherwani paired with well-fitting trousers or a kurta teamed with a tailored blazer, the fusion wear trend brilliantly combines traditional Indian elements with Western styles, ensuring that the modern groom stands out on his special day.

Designer Sherwanis – A Timeless Choice

Designer Sherwanis have always been the epitome of elegance and tradition in mens Indian wedding attire, offering a regal and sophisticated look that is perfect for the grandeur of Indian weddings. The latest trends in designer sherwanis showcase a delightful mix of traditional designs with modern twists, ensuring that every groom can find something that perfectly matches his style and the wedding theme. Let’s delve into some of the most sought-after designs and fabrics that are making waves in 2023:

Trending Designer Sherwanis:

  • Solid Color Terry Cotton Sherwani in Maroon ($211.20): A classic choice that combines elegance with a bold color statement.
  • Embroidered Velvet Sherwani in Black ($143.20): For those seeking a luxurious and sophisticated look, this velvet sherwani with intricate embroidery is a perfect choice.
  • Woven Art Silk Jacquard Sherwani in Navy Blue and Maroon ($148.80): A stunning piece that showcases the beauty of traditional fabrics with a modern design.
  • Hand Embroidered Pure Terry Rayon Tuxedo Set in Black ($257.60): A contemporary twist on the traditional sherwani, ideal for grooms looking for a unique yet elegant outfit.

Fabrics & Colors:

  • Luxurious Fabrics: Velvet and silk blend sherwanis are in vogue, offering a lightweight yet regal look. Velvet sherwanis, available in deep jewel tones, are particularly popular for their luxurious feel.
  • Summer Weddings: Light-gray, pastel colors, and mood-lifting prints on sherwanis are suitable for summer weddings. Linen or cotton sherwanis with minimal embroidery, offered by brands like KALKI, are perfect for a comfortable yet stylish look.

Modern Twists & Embellishments:

  • Mandarin Collars & Asymmetrical Hemlines: Adding a modern twist to the traditional design, these features are increasingly popular among grooms seeking a contemporary look.
  • Embellishments: Sequins, beads, or crystals add sparkle and shine, making the groom’s outfit stand out. Mirror work sherwanis, despite their heavy appearance, are light in weight and make an exceptional choice for those looking for detailed craftsmanship.

Designer sherwanis continue to be a popular choice among Indian grooms in 2023, with white sherwanis gaining popularity for their clean and elegant appeal. Whether it’s a traditional design with a modern twist or a luxurious fabric choice, designer sherwanis offer a wide range of options to ensure that every groom looks his best on his special day.

Bold with Bandhgalas

In the realm of mens Indian wedding attire, the Bandhgala suit emerges as a beacon of royal elegance and timeless sophistication. Often referred to as the Indian blazer, its close-fitting, coat-style silhouette is a testament to the art of traditional tailoring, blending seamlessly with contemporary fashion sensibilities. Here’s a closer look at this iconic ensemble:

  • Essential Features of Bandhgala Suits:
    • High Collar: Standing as the hallmark of the Bandhgala, the high, closed neck exudes a regal aura.
    • Fabric Choices: From the luxurious jacquard and wool silk blends to the traditional handloom fabrics like silk, the Bandhgala is versatile in its make.
    • Design and Embellishments: Featuring intricate embroidery or simple, elegant embellishments, these suits cater to a wide range of tastes, from the minimalist to the extravagant.

The allure of the Bandhgala is not just in its majestic appearance but also in its ability to be customized and accessorized to fit the wearer’s personality and the occasion’s demands. For a truly dapper look, consider these accessorizing tips:

  • Accessorizing Your Bandhgala:
    • Vibrant Accents: Pair a white or cream-colored Bandhgala with vibrant shades of stole, safa, and pocket squares for a pop of color.
    • Jewelry: Elevate your ensemble with bejewelled button sets, brooches, collar pins, and cufflinks.
    • Footwear and Watches: Complete the look with formal lace-up shoes and a timeless wristwatch, adding a touch of class and sophistication.

The Bandhgala’s adaptability and elegance have made it a popular choice for Indian weddings in 2023, with designers like Republic by Omar Farooq, Pernia’s PopUpShop Men, and SASA unveiling collections that pay homage to this classic garment while infusing modern elements. Whether opting for the traditional Jodhpuri Bandhgala or exploring contemporary interpretations with unique fabrics and cuts, the Bandhgala remains a symbol of sartorial excellence in mens Indian wedding attire.

The Versatility of Nehru Jackets

In the ever-evolving landscape of mens Indian wedding attire, the Nehru jacket stands out as a versatile and stylish choice that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary fashion. Characterized by its distinctive collarless design and buttoned-up front, the Nehru jacket offers a myriad of styling options that cater to both formal and casual occasions. Here’s a closer look at how this timeless piece can elevate your wedding wardrobe:

  • Pairing Options for Every Occasion:
    • Casual Elegance: For a laid-back yet stylish look, pair a light-weight Nehru jacket with skinny jeans and a tee. Opt for jackets in cotton or linen for a comfortable, Nawab-like appearance.
    • Formal Sophistication: Elevate your formal ensemble by combining a Nehru jacket with slacks and a button-down shirt. For an added touch of elegance, choose jackets in silk, velvet, or tweed, and accessorize with cufflinks and a pocket square.
    • Wedding-Ready Combos: Embrace the spirit of Indian weddings with combinations like a Nehru jacket with a classic kurta pajama, or for a more modern twist, pair it with a shirt and trousers. Available styles include:
      • Nehru jacket with white shirt
      • Nehru jacket with black kurta
      • Nehru jacket with blue kurta
      • Nehru jacket with white kurta
      • Nehru jacket with pant
  • A Spectrum of Colors and Materials:
    • Colors Galore: From the regal mustard yellow and midnight black to the serene baby pink and cobalt blue, Nehru jackets come in a vibrant array of colors, ensuring there’s a shade for every mood and theme.
    • Material Matters: Whether you’re looking for the subtle sheen of art silk, the rich texture of brocade, or the rustic charm of tweed, the Nehru jacket is available in a wide range of materials, including digital printed polyester, woven art silk jacquard, and solid color options.
  • Designs and Embroidery for Personalized Style:
    • Patterns and Prints: Choose from an assortment of patterns like digital print, color block, and tikki work to express your personal style.
    • Embroidery Elegance: For those who appreciate intricate details, Nehru jackets featuring carnelian red and kelly green multicolor cotton thread embroidered designs add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your attire.

Available at various online stores such as Aza Fashions and French Crown, the Nehru jacket is a must-have in the wedding wardrobe of the modern Indian groom. Its adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of wedding events, from the sangeet to the reception, allowing grooms to showcase their style with confidence and elegance.

Vibrant Colors and Rich Fabrics

As we dive into the realm of vibrant colors and rich fabrics in men’s Indian wedding attire, it’s clear that the palette and material of the outfit play a pivotal role in defining the groom’s look. Here’s a breakdown of the latest trends that are setting the stage for a spectacular wedding wardrobe:

Bold and Vibrant Colors

  • Mustard Yellow, Forest Green, and Burgundy: These colors are making a significant impact, especially for ceremonies held during the day. The choice of color can dramatically affect the overall vibe of the wedding attire.
  • Colorful and Patterned Outfits: Fuchsia, teal, and emerald green are gaining popularity for their eye-catching appeal. These colors are perfect for grooms wanting to make a statement.
  • Accessorizing: With such bold colors, accessorizing is kept minimal. A floral printed or light-colored safa can add a royal touch without overshadowing the outfit’s vibrancy.

Printed Fabrics and Textures

  • Floral Prints, Stripes, and Polka Dots: These designs are increasingly sought-after for wedding suits and blazers, providing a unique and modern twist to traditional attire.
  • Intricate Embroidery and Hemline Designs: Embroidery on kurta pyjamas or an amazing hemline design can elevate the groom’s look, especially for pre-wedding events.
  • Abhinav Mishra’s 2021 Collection: This collection took mirror work to the next level, showcasing a trend towards intricate detailing and bold prints.

Fabric Choices for a Regal Look

  • Luxurious Fabrics: Silk, velvet, and brocade are the top choices for a formal and festive look. These fabrics not only add a rich texture but also enhance the outfit’s elegance.
  • Tasva’s Wide Range: Offering everything from Kurtas & Bundis to Sherwanis & Achkans, Tasva provides options in printed, textured, and embroidered wedding outfits. The collection allows for a personalized style that’s both flattering and comfortable.
    • Printed Wedding Outfit For Men: Features the All Over Printed Kurta Bundi Set.
    • Textured Wedding Outfit For Men: Includes the Orange Textured Kurta Set and the Beige Quilted Sherwani.
    • Embroidery Wedding Outfit For Men: Showcases the Ivory Resham Embroidered Achkan and the Ivory Brocade Zardozi Embroidered Sherwani.

In the dynamic world of mens Indian wedding attire, embracing vibrant colors, intricate prints, and luxurious fabrics can transform a traditional outfit into a masterpiece of personal expression and style. Whether opting for a bold color, a printed fabric, or a richly textured material, the modern groom has an array of options to look regal and in tune with Indian heritage on his special day.

Accessorizing the Right Way

Accessorizing the right way can transform mens Indian wedding attire from traditional to spectacular, infusing personality and style into every ensemble. Here’s how to elevate your wedding look with the perfect accessories:

  • Statement Sleeves:
    • Asymmetrical, puff, and lantern styles are making a dramatic impact.
    • Best paired with: Minimalist suits or blazers for a standout look.
  • Nehru Jacket:
    • Essential Accessories: Kurta, cufflinks, and a printed pocket square for a pop of color.
    • Style Tip: Choose cufflinks that complement the jacket’s fabric for a cohesive look.
  • Sherwani and Kurta Pajama:
    • Complement with: A contrasting dupatta or stole, a turban or safa, and a brooch or pocket square to add layers of elegance.
    • Footwear: Opt for juttis or traditional Indian shoes in bold colors or with intricate embroidery to complete the outfit.
  • Dhoti with Kurta:
    • Accessorize with: A turban or safa and a brooch or pocket square for a harmonious blend of tradition and style.
    • Footwear: Traditional Indian shoes or juttis to maintain the authentic look.
  • Shawl and Sunglasses:
    • Add a shawl for a masculine feel and wear sunglasses for an added cool factor, perfect for outdoor ceremonies or sunny venues.
  • Accessorizing Tips:
    • Brooches and pocket squares instantly amp up the look, adding a personal touch.
    • The right footwear is key; traditional footwear like juttis complements the ensemble beautifully.
    • Statement necklaces and cufflinks are being used more creatively to elevate wedding looks and add a unique touch.

Remember, the key to accessorizing is not just about adding pieces but choosing the right ones that enhance your overall outfit, including accessories, footwear, and grooming. Each element should work together to create a harmonious and stylish look that reflects your personality and the grandeur of the occasion.


Through this exploration of the latest trends in men’s Indian wedding attire, it is evident that traditional garments, vibrant colors, rich fabrics, and modern silhouettes are defining the fashion landscape for grooms. From the regal elegance of designer sherwanis to the adaptability of Nehru jackets and the timeless sophistication of Bandhgala suits, each trend encapsulates a harmonious blend of India’s rich cultural heritage with contemporary style. These trends not only offer a plethora of options catering to individual tastes and preferences but also celebrate the personal expression of style, ensuring that every groom shines on his big day.

As the Indian wedding attire for men continues to evolve, the incorporation of modern twists, luxurious fabrics, and bold colors underscores the importance of personalization in creating a memorable look. The essence of these trends lies in their ability to honor traditional values while embracing the flair of modernity, providing a wide array of choices for grooms to make a fashion statement that is uniquely theirs. For a comprehensive guide to making your special day truly remarkable, from fashion to venue selection, contact us at Venuelook.com. With this, the journey through the vibrant world of men’s wedding fashion draws to a close, leaving a trail of inspiration for every groom to discover his perfect wedding attire.


Q. What attire should a man select for an Indian wedding?

A. Men typically wear a Sherwani with Churidars to an Indian wedding. The Sherwani is an elegant, embroidered jacket that may be accompanied by a scarf draped over one or both shoulders. Churidars, which are pants that are loose at the hips and thighs but tight and gathered at the ankle, complement the Sherwani.

Q. What is the ideal outfit for attending an Indian wedding?

A. For an Indian wedding, women should consider wearing stylish yet modest dresses or sarees. Men should either choose a suit or traditional Indian garments such as a kurta pajama or a sherwani. No matter what style is chosen, the key to looking your best is in wearing an outfit that fits well.

Q. Which color is most traditionally chosen for Indian bridal dresses?

A. Red is the traditional and most popular color choice for Indian bridal dresses, as it represents passion, love, joy, and purity. Red, often combined with gold and other bright colors, is the most common color for bridal attire in Hindu Indian weddings.

Q. What are the traditional colors for Indian bridal attire?

A. In Indian culture, brides typically avoid wearing white, as it is associated with mourning. Instead, red is the conventional color for a bride’s ceremonial dress. However, brides may also opt for gold or other colors in their wedding attire.

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