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New Ideas for Mandap Décor at Your Wedding

The mandap is an integral part of the decorations in a typical Hindu wedding ceremony. It is the specially decorated tent-like structure that is made of wooden or bamboo pillars and embellished with colourful drapes, flowers, garlands, strings of colourful light-bulbs, etc. The wedding mandap plays a central role in the wedding proceedings as many important rituals are performed under its cool shelter. The holy fire is burnt at the centre and spiritual marriage rituals including kanyadaan, saat phere and vachan are carried out under the mandap. There are special mandap decoration services that provide ready-made mandaps for weddings.

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Modern Mandap Decor

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Gone are the days when only golden and red were the primarily used colours for mandaps. Nowadays, there are many mandaps renting services that offer mandaps made according to your specifications and the theme of the wedding. There are many types of mandaps from old fashioned to modern and they come in different sizes, shapes and colours. You can always choose to stick to your traditional tastes if you desire but if you want to go with the times you can choose from the vast varieties in the designs, styles and colours in mandaps. You can actually get those extravagant mandap decorations for your wedding that you see only in high-budget Bollywood movies.

Floral Mandap Decor

Although fabric and flowers are still the mainstays of mandap decorations, there are many additions to them that enhance the beauty of the wedding décor. Flowers and floral garlands are used in ample amounts on the pillars, entrance, walls and ceiling of the mandap. They give that fresh and natural appeal to the décor. Many use decorative potted plants, hanging plants, climbers, etc. to add to the natural beauty of the mandap. Torans of mango leaves and zendu flowers are used too. Since real flowers are short-lived and can look stale after some time, many people nowadays use artificial flowers of silk, etc.

Colourful Fabric Mandap Decor

Fabrics of various colours are used to decorate the pillars, walls, ceiling etc. The pillars are covered with fabric. Nowadays, people experiment with many new colours beyond the traditional golden and yellow. Green, blue, yellow, maroon are quite common colors for mandaps these days. The best way to make sure that you have the right colour combination for your wedding mandap is to talk to your mandap service provider and confirm that they will use a fabric of those specific colours and combinations. This way, you will be surrounded by your favourite colour scheme all day long.

Newer Styles in Mandap Decor

Along with flowers and fabric, many new things are being used these days in order to make the decorations more trendy and fun. The seriousness of traditional weddings is less evident in modern marriages. People are eager to experiment with newer design ideas. One such innovative design concept is using various types of crystals for decorating the mandap. Whether these glittery pieces are twirled around the pillars or hanging along the entrance or walls, they are sure to bring some dazzle to your wedding mandap. Since real crystals can be quite expensive, artificial varieties are often preferred.

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