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Photo Booth Ideas for Weddings 2024!!

We all are aware of it that what we cherish in life are the moments that we spend with people, those moments become a memory as the time passes. In Indian weddings, we create so many memories that we want to cherish forever as those are filled with sweetness, playfulness, and sweetness. And the best way to restore and cherish them is getting them captured by a good photographer. In weddings, it has become a trend to raise photo booths for snapping photos. No doubt these photo booths are the most creative spots where anyone can get a good background provided you don’t need to go here and there for searching a good spot for your snaps. 

Nowadays, there are various photobooths ideas for Indian weddings available. Whether you set up two or three, it is your choice and what kind of you want to set up it is depended on your choice. You can either go for desi photo booths like creative truck-Dhaba spot, rickshaw photo booth, lots-of-umbrella photo booth or any other. All you need to do is to ask your wedding planner for setting up your choice of photo booth and you would love watching your guests taking pictures there! So, if you are looking for the best photo booth ideas then scroll down and fine for the best one for yourself.

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Genda Phool

Wedding decoration is incomplete without the marigold flowers as these flowers are vibrant colours to the whole set-up and prettify it to a new level. You can even choose to have a colourful backdrop with geometrical patterns for your wedding photo booth.

Zero Efforts Yet Beautiful

This photo booth is very easy and needs your 0 efforts to create this as you simply need to hang bulbs on the wooden sheet and your photo booth is ready.

Vintage Feel 

Vintage and rustic Frames look amazing when they are hanging to the bark of the trees. It also makes an excellent photo booth, especially for weddings. We are sure your family and friends will love this photo booth.

Colourful Crates

Yes, you heard it right, colourful wooden crates look gorgeous as a photo booth backdrop. The best part of this is it does not need much of efforts, you just need to place them one above the other and decorate it with the best possible things, and your photo booth is ready!

Disco Feel

Give your wedding disco feels with this theme as you just need to cover the wall completely with colourful and glittery poms-poms. 

Curtain Photobooth 

Nowadays, some couples want something simple and attractive, for you here we have a photo booth with just a curtain that gives privacy to those who require it. We know that everyone is not comfortable getting clicked in front of the growing crowd. This curtain theme for the wedding can also match your wedding perfectly with its simple design.

Stand-Up Board 


There is no doubt in saying that nowadays stand-up boards are so much in trend as wedding photo booths. They are a fun way to make the family laugh and capture unforgettable moments. You can make it as big as you want with as many face-holes as you want, but remember to match the theme of your wedding.

Speech Bubbles

Props are loved by every bride and her bridesmaids as it is a great way to add a little playfulness to the wedding photo booth. You can make say bubbles of your own favourite dialogue or words in their shapes. You can even keep some blank cards as props and let your guests decide what they want as personal messages.

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