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Tips To Choose The Perfect Wedding Vendors

It takes a village to plan a wedding! Your wedding vendors are a huge part of the said village. While you and your partner are responsible for making all the big decisions, it is these experts that will turn the vision of your perfect wedding into reality. From entertainers to caterers and hairstylists, your wedding vendors will play a key role in making your wedding a success. But with so many amazing suppliers out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones for your wedding within the decided budget.

If you are currently looking for your dream team, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for a stress-free guide on researching and choosing the perfect wedding vendors.

1. Choose a Venue, Set a Date and Finalize Your Budget

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Before thinking about booking wedding vendors, make sure you’ve set a date, booked the venue and decided on a budget first. Moreover, most wedding venues provide a list of trusted vendors and suppliers that can cater to your needs. Some venues also don’t allow any third-party suppliers so make sure you confirm beforehand.

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2. Make a List Of Your Key Suppliers

Now that the venue, date and budget have been taken care of, start by making a list of the essential vendors that will be needed. These include the photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, decorator, band or DJ and a wedding planner if you choose to go with one. It is best to consider researching these suppliers first. Since a big chunk of your budget will go to these vendors, it is recommended to book them first.

The most feasible way of finding these suppliers would be to go by word of mouth. Ask your family, friends and relatives for suggestions. You might have friends who must have gotten married, asking them for referrals is a sure-shot way of finding trustworthy vendors that have experience.

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3. List Your Requirements

As you start shortlisting your vendors, it is important to give thought to what you expect from each of your chosen suppliers.

Start by making a list of requirements for each vendor based on your wants and needs. For example, you might want a photographer to click candid style pictures at your wedding or a planner that has experience of a particular number of years. Knowing your priorities will help you streamline your research and will make the process easier and faster.

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4. Do Your Research Both Offline and Online

Extensive research can help in bringing you one step closer to finding the right suppliers for your special day. Browse bridal magazines, wedding blogs, wedding articles and social media to know more about the local suppliers in your area. Make sure you check out their galleries and testimonials from previous weddings and other events to get an idea about their quality of work. If the vendor you like owns their own business and would like to delegate work to other people for your wedding, be sure to get their details as well. You can also explore a few wedding expos and fairs to connect with other vendors or suppliers!

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5. Ask Questions

As and when you meet the wedding suppliers, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Be clear in stating your needs and wants including your style, priorities and budget. Discuss anything that you might not be clear about, ask each supplier to talk you through their process and contract.

When it comes to wedding suppliers, you’ll be spending more one-on-one time with (such as your photographer, planner or celebrant), an initial consultation is always a good idea. It’s important to choose suppliers you genuinely get along with, so take the time to chat on the phone or meet up for a coffee to find people you feel relaxed and comfortable with.

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6. Trust Your Gut

Once you’ve made up your mind and found all the right vendors, trust the process and enjoy the ride! Remember these people are experts in the industry that you’ve chosen after putting in a lot of hard work, so just trust your gut and let them handle the rest. With the right team by your side, be rest assured that your wedding will be a huge success and everything you ever wished for!

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