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Mehendi decor ideas

12+ Trending Mehndi Decor Ideas

Weddings are auspicious ceremonies and tie two families together. Our friends and family always look forward to weddings in the family to have an amazing time. Most weddings last somewhere near four to five days, with various celebratory days. One of these days is the ‘Mehndi.’  Since Mehndi ceremonies have a relaxed vibe, spicing things up with out of the box décor or different themes will make your mehndi day pop out from the thousands of others. So, here are some ideas that will make your friends and family go, ‘WOW’!

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1. Chic Bangles Theme for Mehndi

Chic Bangles Theme for Mehndi

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A chic bangle themed mehndi will not only look artistic but also add a traditional flair to the setup. This is also one of the more affordable themes. Many assorted designs can be made with bangles and flowers and they definitely look BeAuTiFuL. 

2. Arabian Night’s Theme for Mehndi

Arabian Night's Theme for Mehndi

If your dream wedding is a lavish royal wedding, an Arabian Nights themed mehndi would be perfect for you and you can always customize it to add your favourite colours. Make it unique by adding a dance floor and have a blast!

3. Go Punjabi on Mehndi

Go Punjabi on Mehndi

Extravagant Floral hangings and beautiful curtains drops are the unique features of a Punjabi style mehndi. The decoration looks really pretty with warm colours and is perfect for getting loads of pictures clicked. You can have a ‘Bhutta stand’, phulkari umbrellas, a variety of food stalls with authentic Punjabi food, and play all-time favourite Punjabi songs to give your guests a super enjoyable time! 

4. Beach Theme for Mehndi

Beach Theme for Mehndi

Treat your friends to the sand and sun on your mehndi function, to make them feel like they are on a beach. Add some pineapples, hang some dream catchers and surfboards to the venue décor to bring the beach to your guests!

5. Moroccan Theme for Mehndi

Moroccan Theme for Mehndi

As the middle east has become a famous destination for weddings, having a Moroccan theme for your mehndi will bring the middle east to you, with their modish architecture. Accessorize in pastel colours to acquire an aesthetic look for the ceremony.

6. A Pop Culture Mehndi

A Pop Culture Mehndi

Opt for a theme of your favourite movie or book or turn the event into a costume party! Why not add a modern touch to your traditional ceremony. You can also play different games to have some fun. You will definitely hold the title ‘bride of the year’ in your friend circle after this celebration. 

7. Boho Theme for Mehndi

Boho Theme for Mehndi

The Boho Theme is trending and is seen everywhere on social media. It is attractive and aesthetic with light pastel colours, different props and an indo-western touch. You can add coloured tyres or hang potted plants.. Be sure to use light colours though!

8. Victorian Theme for Mehndi

Victorian Theme for Mehndi

Your mehndi can be vintage, lavish and elegant. Add all things pretty and soft.. vintage cups in soft pastel colours, macaroons and finger foods to transport your friends and family to a beautiful night in Paris. It can be as minimalistic or fancy as you want!

9. Nautical Spree Theme for Mehndi

Nautical Spree Theme for Mehndi

This is an ocean-inspired theme! Place all desserts and food in ‘ship-shaped’ trays. You can also transform your entire venue into a yacht or ship with all nautical elements like blue and white stripes, tiny lighthouses, anchor vessels and have a sailing smooth party!

10. Rain Dance Theme for Mehndi

Rain Dance Theme for Mehndi

Big fan of summer weddings?! This is the perfect theme for you, dance to your favourite beats with your friends and family under showers and water sprinklers. It will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience for most people in attendance!

11. Earthly Rustic Theme for Mehndi

Earthly Rustic Theme for Mehndi

If you want an earthy desi feel for your mehndi, use a variety of cane baskets and colourful tassels with floral arrangements for the perfect look. You can also add earthy style dream catchers and wooden frames to get pictures clicked in!

12. Personalized Photo Booths at Mehndi

Personalized Photo Booths at Mehndi

Add personalized photo booth(s) to spice things up and click loads of beautiful pictures at your Mehndi. You can also put-up tents and tepees with fairy lights to have a more intimate setting for small gatherings. Add rugs, cushions and throw blankets, sit on the ground and be comfortable!

13. Go Coral on Mehndi

Go Coral on Mehndi

Inspired by ‘life under the sea’, this theme offers a way to experiment with different colour combinations and has loads of designs to choose from. A coral theme is not only unique but will add a classy look to your mehndi and it might match the mehndi on your hands and feet itself!

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