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Co-working Spaces: 8+ Event Ideas for Better Space Utilization

We’ve seen how popular co-working spaces have become. They are providing freelancers and independent workers the opportunity to not only network but also collaborate and create together. And besides, coworking spaces are all about creating a community which can bring a wide range of members, together.

If you are one of those who own or perhaps even manage a co-working space, one of the perfect methods to attract people to your hub is to create that vibe, and you can do that by hosting events which can provide that sense and feel of a community, of belonging, it is the people who make the space worthwhile, right?

1. Trial Teas at Co-working Spaces

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It’s a good idea to set a day for start-ups and individuals to demo and showcase the projects they’re working on, so that they can get feedback from the rest of the coworking community, keep in mind that some individuals may have a conflict of interest and therefore make sure you have a space to host these demos where there are individuals present from different fields instead of the same field, that’ll help keep the fights and conflict at bay, and everyone can enjoy a good cup of coffee, tea and snacks while at it.

2. Seminars and Workshops at Co-working Spaces

There is always a need to upskill an individual in the market, so gauge what your clients need, is it in terms of knowledge and skills that your members may need? Or perhaps business accounting? At the moment social media marketing is booming, is it that? In order to keep up with social media marketing would you also require a public speaking workshop? You could coordinate with an expert, who knows the expert may be present within one of your members?! Create a series of seminars with these experts and open them up to your audience.

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3. Panel Discussions at Co-working Spaces

Another great add on to workshops and seminars could be holding panel discussions, start inviting members of your community present within the coworking space, to participate in panel discussions on topics sizzling at that point of time, for example it could be: how to get financing or how to scale your business, maybe even on how one can be productive when working remotely. The key here would be, to be able to drive attendance, that way you could encourage others to start hosting their panels which could be done via providing a calendar on your website, that makes it easier to view and schedule events.

4. Morning Stand-ups at Co-working Spaces

An everyday morning dose of stand-ups are the way to go about and a standard morning routine in agile tech companies, and they are also gaining a lot of steam in other industries and work environments. These meetings are a great solution to building a community as it permits team members to focus their attention and receive feedback on what all they’re doing on that particular day. Does it sound good to expand that idea to your whole space perhaps? Just put on the tea/coffee a little earlier, invite your members to grab a cup and share their story, share what’s on their plate.

5. Weekly Breakfasts at Co-working Spaces

Shake things up a bit, have the morning routine and add some breakfast to it, catch up on food. Bring in a presenter and watch how the members flock together and enjoy their meals together, what a perfect way to start the day. Another great tip/hack is to open the event for the public, draw in potential new clients and members to the community, give them a tour of your space and let them know you are open for business! Make sure you follow social distancing norms, and proper sanitation protocols, or you are bound to lose clients rather than again!

6. Bounce/Game Hours at Co-working Spaces

Liz Eliam of Link Coworking in Austin coined this gorgeous idea of having bounce hours. Every Friday, members in the space would gather around in a circle and toss a beach/soccer or for that matter any ball. Whoever ends up holding the ball gets five minutes to bounce ideas off of the rest of the group, now that sounds fun! It is such a great way for everyone to meet new members and each other, and, it can help spark some new coworking collaborations!

7. Extravaganzas at Co-working Spaces

We all know food is a great way to bond and if, like a bunch of industrial areas, food trucks are parked outside your space, make it a weekly lunch spot, it’s the day to satisfy the explorer within you, go on that frenzy!

8. Leadership Skill Development at Co-working Spaces

Partner with a leadership consultant and expert, someone who knows their job well, ask them to provide leadership workshops for your community. This will be an extension to workshops and seminars, however, this is a more narrowed and specific theme, likewise, you can come with more of these specific themes.

9. Fitness Workouts at Co-working Spaces

Exercise is food for the brain, it gives the body the much-needed movement and a breather which is required by the brain to start churning ideas and get going. Nothing beats the freshness after exercise! A few times a week, bring in a yoga instructor or tie-up with organisations like Decathlon who organize events every month, such as bicycling, running etc. they are bound to cheer your members up and bring in quality to your organisation, fitness is on the rise and people want to take care of their bodies now more than ever!

We hope these tips brought you some value and helped generate ideas to grow your community and organisation. Have a great bonding session and enjoy the festive season!

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