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Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

Weddings are the most treasured day ever, a day that every couple anticipates. To make it even more memorable, we suggest connecting with wedding planners to make your dream wedding a reality. Whether you’re inviting 100 or 500 people, flying across town or the country, there’s a lot more to arranging than picking out beautiful flowers and a dress or suit. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work, however, a wedding planner can lighten your burden by taking end to end responsibility for the big show so you can focus on the result i.e., getting married. Your wedding planner will take care of all of the details and ‘stress’ so you don’t have to. They are essentially a one-stop-shop for design, budgeting, contracts, deadlines, travel, and accommodations, as well as an event manager. All of these things, and more (that you’ll probably never hear about) are done by these wedding planners while assisting you in planning your perfect wedding in the most perfect manner! They can be asked to handle anything on your to-do list, from selecting aesthetic touches to reviewing room block agreements and dealing with last-minute problems.

What does a wedding planner do?

Choosing amongst the many types of planners is determined by the couple’s needs and the amount of money they have set aside for this task.

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1. Full-service Wedding Planner

Full-service weddings planners are those professionals who take the end-to-end responsibility of the wedding ceremony. Also, known as an all-inclusive wedding planner, is ideal for couples who want step-by-step instructions and expert advice right from the start. According to the research, 31% of couples rely on a wedding planner of this type. If you don’t have enough spare time to devote to wedding preparation, full-service planners are a terrific alternative for you. These professionals will be engaged in every stage of your wedding planning, from assisting you in selecting a wedding site and handling vendor correspondence to setting up escort cards and directing your bridesmaids on the wedding day. Isn’t this wonderful? A full-service planner serves as an excellent choice for couples who want to delegate the little elements of their wedding, such as decorations, lighting, to an expert. Though these services are an expensive affair because of the dedication and work involved, the investment can be well worth it in the end.

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 2. Month-of Planner

The second type of planner is the month – planner who can be hired a few months before the wedding. According to research, this style of wedding planner is chosen by 10 per cent of couples on average. These are those couples, who wish to organize the majority of their wedding. They consider hiring services a month before to assist alleviate stress during the busy season. They’ll handle last-minute activities like final contract negotiations, vendor payments, and coordinating delivery (flowers, food, decor, etc.) for your wedding day.

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3. Wedding Day Coordinators

Unlike a full time, partial service wedding planner, a wedding coordinator’s job begins several weeks before your event. They will plan a few meetings before the D Day to build a wedding day game plan and assess what still needs to be done. However, a day-of wedding coordinator will delegate most (if not all) of the logistics leading up to the big day to you, such as communicating your wedding timeline to vendors or confirming delivery times. Their tasks often include directing vendors to their right locations, supervising overall wedding decor setup and takedown, and ensuring that the day runs as smoothly as possible. This is the most common sort of wedding planner, with the majority of couples hiring a day-of wedding coordinator. The most couple prefers this sort of wedding planner and is included in their rental packages.

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4. Wedding Weekend Coordinators

Consider this vendor to be a crossover between a day-of and a month-of wedding. A weekend coordinator is crucial if you’re planning a wedding with many days of festivities and a huge number of guests to keep a record of so it’s smooth and successful. Such types of planners are entrusted with the responsibilities of greeting guests and organizing non-wedding activities.

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5. Destination Wedding Coordinators

Nowadays, we see there has been a surge in destination weddings. For those types of couples, arranging a wedding from far off, a destination wedding consultant is essential. When you and your fiancé(e) are unable to visit your wedding venue, it is beneficial to have a trustworthy expert or someone extremely knowledgeable with organizing weddings in your destination there in your place. When you are not present in person, a destination wedding organizer can help you search for the best locations, interact with vendors, and get a firsthand account of everything. They will also best advise for all essential location-specific facts that you may be unaware of, such as weather trends, local happenings, travel suggestions, and regional customs.

Wedding planners can charge you in several ways depending on the scope of work and deliverables for the wedding day. Many companies provide flat-rate packages with a la carte add-ons. Day or hourly rates are less common but growing, especially among day-of planners; Full-service planners frequently charge a percentage of the total cost of the celebration (the venue and the vendors). Given the wide range of services and costs available, every couple should choose a wedding planner that can essentially depend on the complexity and event requirement.

Take our word for it; after ages of experience in planning hundreds of weddings, we could repeat it a million times: you want and deserve to have your day taken care of so that you can relax, enjoy your family, and have the best day of your life.

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