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Social Media Marketing for Hotels

The most efficient way in this day and age to be successful at marketing your establishment or business venture is investing time, skill and money into a well-developed social media advertising strategy. Once you start to realize the potential gold-mine of advertisement you have access to via social media, it is time to start working on it immediately. Using platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn can come in very handy in marketing your hotel to potential customers all over the world. It helps you tap into a much more extensive pool of patrons.

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Investment in Promoted Content

These days the algorithm of any platform decides how well your post on your social media platform does, therefore also determining how many people see it. Paying for the promotion of your content, or even paying for the advertisement of your establishment helps you reach a far wider audience.

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Even if your social media profile has a good number of followers, chances are, not every single one of them will see the content that you put out if you don’t pay to promote it. The algorithm is created in such a way that paid content gets circulated more heavily than unpaid content.

Social media influencers are, as the name suggests, very influential. They have a huge base of devoted followers. Paying for them to share a review of their stay at your establishment with their followers, would give you their stamp of approval which will bring you, several new customers. In some ways, it’s similar to a client testimonial, except where the client has a considerably large following.

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Different Reach of Different Platforms

Keep in mind to choose the platform that will reach your guests, without fail. Different types of guests tend to favor different platforms. When it comes to business travellers they prefer to use Twitter over any other platform, meanwhile, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat are ideal for appealing to a younger audience. Pinterest and Facebook are most suited for reaching out to wedding planners. Based on the kind of guest you wish to attract, you should focus on the most suitable platform for your hotel.

Moreover, you need to curate your content according to the platform you choose. For example, if you choose to promote your business via Instagram, the best means to do so would be to generate a steady stream of reels. Reels perform much better and reach a wide range of people. Similarly, if you use YouTube for promotion, the best course of action would be to make 10-minute videos where you include your staff, other happy customers, give a tour of the place, and show the beautiful views. Use it as a trailer of sorts. Keep it engaging.

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Multi-Channel Campaign

For greatest adequacy, you can coordinate promotions on your social media platforms, for example, Facebook and Instagram to work in tandem with your establishment’s other marketing avenues, whether it be advertising via email, Google Display Network, or search engine advertising. You could also turn to using ADARA, Sojern, or other travel ad networks to ensure that the ads that you launch get maximum returns. These travel ad networks have access to first-party data from travel planning websites which can be extremely helpful. Utilizing this data your marketing campaign can target the audiences that are most likely to book a stay at your hotel.

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Target Smarter Not Harder

The most enticing part of social media advertisement that makes it so much more appealing and effective than another form of advertisement is the custom nature of it. Each social media platform has targeting tools that you can utilize to make bank for your buck, and get successful results. For example, YouTube has the unique feature of in-market capabilities that, on the basis of a viewer’s previous searches, suggests videos pertaining to the topic that sways their choices. Meanwhile, follower targeting on Twitter is what allows for marketers to connect with followers that have a relevant Twitter handle. You could also target select keywords in tweets, such as ‘vacation’, ‘weekend getaway’, ‘beach’ or ‘resort’.

The modern world now revolves around social media. The reach that these platforms have is unparalleled. It will continue to evolve and grow, therefore it is important for businesses to adapt and grow alongside them. These platforms not only provide access to potential clients but they also collect enough data for you to be able to gauge their interests, and market your business to them accordingly. All you have to do is make the algorithm work in your favor.

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