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The Ultimate Intimate Wedding: MINIMONY vs. MICROWEDDING

Since the pandemic began, most couples started opting for small scale weddings with fifty to hundred guests. Due to this, micro weddings, minimonys and elopements have become the trend of the wedding industry and are rapidly gaining popularity. All these types of weddings have a few key differences. While some involve a smaller gathering, others are more secretive and ‘spur of the moment’ like elopements. Since 2020, minimony with the postponement of the actual wedding date has seemed to gain the most popularity.

Find out which option – a minimony or a micro wedding is best for you and your partner.

What is a Micro Wedding?

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A micro wedding is like a smaller version of your original lavish wedding but of course with less than fifty guests, and usually consists of the immediate family and close friends. A micro wedding is a creative fusion of an elopement and an elaborate wedding, and it includes the best of both worlds while keeping your guests safe from the dreadful pandemic! Choosing this type of wedding may also be the perfect way to have the destination wedding you’ve always dreamed of with your closest friends and family since it involves fewer people, which in turn, makes it more feasible and affordable too. Even though micro weddings help you cut costs and save some money, many couples actually prefer sticking to their original budget and spending it all, only on fewer people. Some couples will even take their budget and host the hotel rooms for their guests, along with transportation and other items that may not normally be affordable for a larger size wedding. Micro weddings give couples the luxury of spoiling their guests in a more personalized and intimate setting. Some couples choose to splurge on a top-shelf open bar and a savory sit-down dinner, with intimacy in mind. With a guest list of 35-50 of your nearest and dearest, a tropical destination weekend wedding, a designer wedding dress or a decadent brunch at a five-star restaurant becomes much more feasible.

A micro wedding is ideal for couples who want a personal, intimate affair and yet would like to splurge on the little details and would like to create a special experience for their guests.

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What is a Minimony?

A minimony is a very small ceremony or a ‘moment of commitment’ between the bride and the groom. Due to the pandemic, a lot of couples have been opting for mini weddings or ceremonies that are now known as minimonies. A minimony is basically a commitment ceremony between you and your partner which may involve up to ten people. Couples who have had to postpone their wedding plans like to choose this option to honour their original wedding date. A minimony can be performed virtually or in-person and includes only your loved ones, and a few select vendors that you might have employed for the original wedding. You may have a small cake, a small arrangement of flowers and a photographer to capture the moment. From a legal standpoint, minimonies will definitely include your pandit or officiant to officiate the wedding legally. Minimony lets you have a more authentic, private and stress-free wedding.

The minimony allows couples to get married without having to give up on their wedding plans as it involves a sequel wedding. After the minimony, the couple usually continues planning their larger wedding or a sequel wedding party. The sequel wedding would include all the ceremonies that would’ve been a part of your original wedding plan ranging from the mehndi to the reception. Having a minimony allows you to solidify your union or to honour your first proposed date. Further down the line, throwing a sequel wedding will bring your grand wedding vision to life.

The sequel wedding option is entirely up to the couple to avail. However, the idea of a minimony has increasingly become popular as it lets the lovebirds say ‘I do’ now and continue the celebrations later!

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