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Tips for hosting your Kid’s Birthday Bash in a Small Apartment 

Hosting your kid’s birthday bash in a small living space can sometimes become a challenge. The pressure of meeting your kids’s expectations only adds on to the terror. However, it doesn’t always have to end in disappointment and compromises. The right amount and direction of planning can take you a long way. 

There are simple rules you can follow that will help you host an amazing birthday bash without having to disappoint your little one and without burning a hole in your pocket. If you think this is all a load of baloney, follow these tricks to a simple, budget-friendly kid’s birthday party and see for yourself!

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Believe it or not — A small guest list doubles the fun!

The first step to an unforgettable bash is to keep the guest list small. Include your little one’s best buddies and their moms/dads (one parent should be enough). The key here is to not go over the table with the number of guests: as it adds on to the expenses, can get too overwhelming and can cause the celebration to turn into chaos. It can feel a little strange to leave out so many other guests but remember it’s about quality and not the quantity. This should help you make the right decision. You can always hold a separate bash for the relatives and they would totally understand. This day is about the birthday boy/girl and his/her best buddies, so make sure it stays that way. This way your kid gets the undivided attention they deserve and enough buddies to play with, not a crowd of unwanted guests to get overwhelmed by.  

Send out E-invites and fix the Party Timing

Since your list is not going to be too long, sending personalised E-invites could be a wonderful and simple option (and you’d be doing your tiny bit to save the environment, too). E-invites are the new party fad: they not only save costs and paper, but they also have more options to choose from and are way more colourful and graphic than their limited offline counterparts. We think it’s a win-win solution! Choose your perfect party E-invite here. Once you finalise the E-invites, you can finally decide on the timing of the party — 2-3 hours in the evening usually suffice — plenty of fun time for the kids and you are free from the hassles of providing full meals to the guests. 

Choosing the Party Theme

Go easy on the theme. While your little one might have extravagant ideas on what the theme should be, only you know what you can pull off with limited resources at home. This one requires you to work out an agreement that works both for you and your little one. After all, you cannot afford to disappoint them on their special day! From tea parties to ice cream themed parties, there are tons of easily manageable options you can choose from. To help you decide the best-suited theme, here are some ideas –

Top 15 Birthday Themes for Boys

Top 15 Birthday Themes for Girls

 It’s time to get Creative! – DIY Party Decorations

Decorations could end up eating up a lot of the party budget. Once you have picked your party theme, choose instead to get creative and save some money! Make best out of waste or buy some colourful glittery paper to cut out beautiful bunting patterns. You can also make paper mache theme-based showpieces, play-doh cakes and accessories: whatever fits your theme best. Your kid is surely going to love tagging along in this fun activity before the party.

Easy DIY Birthday Decoration at Home!

Have a limited Party Menu

Extravagance on the table only looks good in the pictures. Keeping the menu simple and homemade is the key here. Sure, it sounds like too much work but it will bode you well in the end. Think cute little cupcakes, light on the tummy snacks, cookies and perhaps a choice of milkshake — perfect for a mid-afternoon party! Having a limited menu keeps the whole place neat and manageable, too.

Flavorful Favours / Return Gifts

Favours are always well-received. What fun would be a kids’ party if it doesn’t end with goodies to take home? However, we are talking about saving costs here so a goodie-bag filled with one-time-use plastic toys or stuff that won’t be very useful, is definitely not a great idea: neither for the kids nor for the environment. Think instead to have adorable little paper carry bags filled with edible stuff and a stuffed toy or two. If you choose a DIY theme, you can double the DIY projects made by the kids as favours to take home — talk about saving costs!

Finally, when the day arrives, make sure to clear out ample space for the kids to play in. The adults can cram up in one room and share some friendly banter while taking turns at supervising the tiny ones. Also, we suggest you make sure all the fragile things and the walls of your favourite room(s) are all hidden away lest they become toys and canvas for kids’ creativity. Keep lots of plain papers, crayons and colours handy—which kid doesn’t love to draw or paint? Plan tons of games in advance like tail-the-donkey, lego building, musical chairs, etc. and it’s certainly going to be one hell of a party! 

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