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Writing a Love Letter to your Partner before your Wedding? – Here is some HELP!

It’s your wedding month, and you are super pumped to write a wedding love letter to your love bird?

You are having that adrenaline rush, the butterflies are back in your stomach and you want to start checking off the to-do task list to get things rolling for the wedding! One of our favourite exchanges during weddings other than customized vows are wedding love letters. Those handwritten old school ones! Soon you’re going to be the happily married couple and this letter is something you will cherish for the rest of your lives, trust us on that! Oh, how these letters are reminders of the moments you both spent together, they bring back that rush every time you read them, the excitement, the love is put down on paper and is going to be so unique and special to your wedding, we get happy even thinking about it!

The question is where do you start? What do you put in the letter? How do you ensure it remains personal, heart-warming and coded to and for just the two of you?

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How do you make those letters, words, stories, vows and promises so memorable that this is a letter your partner can hold onto forever, and rejoice even before the big wedding actually begins?

Well! Here are some tips as to what all your letter should entail.

1. Love Has No Reasons or Conditions – It just is.

You can start your letter by sharing the sentiment you really feel. We are not asking you why you love them? Because if there is a why there are 7 billion people out there and thousands of them can meet yours why. We are asking you to jot down the what’s – what you really like and love about them, the qualities, the feeling and emotions they arouse in you, the qualities you adore about them and to profess your unconditional love for them.

2. How you’d like the Big Day to Go! 

We all have a vision of how we want our wedding day to pan out, remember your version is going to be different than theirs and they won’t know your version until you share it with them. Until you tell them what/how you want things or imagine a thing to play out, they won’t be able to act upon them or execute them, because they just don’t know. Make sure you share this with them and have fun with it!

3. Your Precious Vows for Them 

Let them know what you wish for in the future with them, let them know your promises to them, let them know you will/can make mistakes and this letter has it written that no matter what, you’ll always come around. Let your love letter serve as a reminder to both of you of how pure love is and the vows you undertake on your wedding and you can go all gaga with them too! Have some fun ones in there, some which are things only the two of you know and understand.

4. The “How you Rose in Love” Memory 

There is just something so fulfilling about describing that moment, that moment when you just knew this is your fairy-tale, this is your person. We bet as you read this and start having flashes of that moment play in your head, you too are smiling, these memories are some of the fondest ones. Maybe it was your first date, or maybe it was the time you realised you had a huge crush on him/her, maybe it was a conversation.. being able to recall these memories brings that love and joy, a reminder of how beautiful this relationship is. Those sparks and fireworks, reignite them, share them, light them up and keep them forever through your letters.

5. Appreciate what you find Commendable

Appreciation in any form goes a long way. Appreciate the achievements you were proud of, those which made your chest fill up with joy when your partner accomplished something. Appreciating behaviour makes the other person know you liked the work they did. It can be as small a gesture as laying the table for you on a date night or walking with you in the park and the two of you having a beautiful conversation, or as big as them doing something for another person, getting promoted.. – anything and everything counts!

Remember love is something which speaks from the heart, there is no logic, no boundaries, nothing to it, love is pure, and don’t be shy to let him/her know how you really, really feel.

You could even make a few pointers to refer to – pointers for all the things you’d like to include.

When we start remembering moments and writing them down, we are bound to be hit by more memories, as we give thought to it and dig in deep, and when you are pointing things you love, you want to make sure you include all of them or well a whole bunch of them! Cheesy much? That’s exactly the point!

Make a note, whenever a thought you would like to include passes by

Thoughts and inspiration strike unexpectedly at times! So, make sure to make either a note in your phone about that idea/thought or write it down in a small diary you carry around. Just make sure, you note down the points, so even if the memory slips out of your head later, which is a high possibility, you can always head back to those notes you made.

Finally, just write down the letter, pour all of your heart out, and cherish every bit of it!

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