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Amazing Themes To Celebrate College Farewell Party

College memories are so much about friends, fun, and the feeling of nostalgia. While college days are marked by several parties, ranging from freshers, birthdays, fests, after-event parties, and more, the farewell party is the queen of college nostalgia. A college farewell party is a sweet adieu to the time spent with friends that became family through the college years and also a prelude to the rest of your life that lies ahead, welcoming you. A farewell party can be a massive task if you are on the organizing end of things. But to begin with the planning, you need a theme. Let’s take a quick look at some amazing themes to celebrate college farewell.

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Prom Party

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Literally everyone loves the idea of getting dressed for a delightful evening of prom dance and good food. While proms are a popular school party concept, there is absolutely no harm in turning your college farewell party into a prom night. Add in a photo booth at the party, keep a formal dress code for all those attending the event, and don’t forget a great selection of music with ballroom dancing.

Retro Rendezvous

How about revisiting an era in time? It could be a decade from Bollywood or an actual era like the Victorian era- the choice is up to you. You can get really creative with this idea. The party could have music from that era or decade or the dress code has to adhere to that time/ year. Throw in some elements from that era, like old posters, vintage decor, etc.

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Halloween-style Party

A classic Halloween-themed party never goes out of style. You can host the college farewell in a place that is old and spooky or decorate one looking like that. There is just so much to experiment with in terms of food and costume, with Halloween as the theme of the party. Add in a few candles, carved pumpkin faces, and spiderwebs. Get creative with the food and beverages, give them fun devilish names. 

Awards Party

Spread a red carpet, add some glamour and glitz and make it a party to be remembered. You can more specific theme it after the Oscars or some other award ceremony. An awards party is very apt for farewell, as it naturally would include speeches and prizes. Gorgeous center tables and a little stage would add so much life to your farewell party.

The Hippie Way

A hippie-themed party breaks all rules and regulations by adhering to strict costume, decor, and even food choices. You can go absolutely crazy with this theme. It’s more about singing and dancing and making the most of the moment. Tie and dye shirts, colorful dresses, quirky sunglass cut-outs, bell bottoms, all of this can be a part of your hippie-themed farewell. You can create your own goodbye rituals and games. The interiors of the party venue can be decorated with flowers, balloons, beads, etc. The attendees can dress according to their own interpretation of the hippie culture. 

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Back to the Beginning Party


Another superb idea for a college farewell party is the theme of ‘back to the beginning’. Within this, you can reminiscence the best days you’ve spent on the campus, with your college friends and try to loosely recreate those memories. A photo wall could be added at the entrance of the party. You all could get slam diaries to be signed as a memory. Mimic episodes from earlier days. Get into groups and play games, and more. 

A college farewell party is the highlight of your days spent at the college. It would not be so much fun without a theme, as a theme would give you and your friends a chance to get crazy with their outfits and it would also overall elevate the mood of the party. 

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