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Celebrate Your Milestone 100th birthday!

It’s fairly amazing to see a loved one make it to 100 years old, and it’s definitely an occasion that calls for a very special celebration. Although the number of persons turning 100 has increased, it is still uncommon to achieve the century mark that we see today. Milestone birthdays have evolved into a special occasion that everyone wants to celebrate when it comes time. Changes that can be included into the party come with each new decade. 

Here are the Greatest Suggestions for Events you May Organise to Highlight the Significance of this Landmark Occasion.

Songs and Musical Evening 

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One of the best ideas of commemorating this special day is by playing music and sing songs from the birthday persons preferred era or musical style. Even those with memory issues at this age can enjoy the celebration as when you play the music and songs, they admire will bring a smile in amazing ways. Find any recordings of the honoured visitor singing or playing an instrument and use those. Recording the special guest of honour singing on the birthday special event will help preserve the moment for the family.

Scrapbook Capturing Memories 

Another way of celebrating the occasion is by subsequently compile a scrapbook of recollections, ask the guests who come to your party to bring a written memory with the birthday person. If it’s appropriate for each person, you can provide them a template to use either online or on paper and make it creative. If time permits, read a few of the recollections aloud during the celebration. Another way of doing it is by compiling the memories in a disk and playing it in video form during the cake cutting celebration. 

Video Greetings 

Guests who are unable to attend the 100th milestone birthday celebration can be asked to record a video message of congratulations and their favourite memory with the birthday person. You can convert the video greetings into a common video or a presentation out of the videos to be shown at the celebration day and subsequently for the birthday person to watch.

Representing Each Item 100 Times 

For a visual representation of the size of that number 100, you can put together groupings of 100 items. This can be a bouquet of 100 balloons, a basket loaded with 100 of your favourite pastries or chocolates, or a centrepiece made of 100 favourite flowers. You can also request each guest to bring enough of a valuable item to make 100 in total. These items could be buttons, bags of sugar, or pennies from the recipient’s birth year.

Photo Booth

Create a photobooth and display pictures of the birthday person with the invited guests dating back to their earliest years. These pictures could be put together into a slideshow that plays during the celebration. Another way of presenting is by displaying the photos in a framed manner. You can then display all throughout the space, including as table centrepieces. Creating posters with images from each decade of the person’s life and display them on easels around the space will make the space even more exciting. You may also incorporate old photo albums and scrapbooks that the birthday person possesses into the event celebration. By converting them into digital format you can keep them protected.

Generations Special Family Tree

Your loved one may now have three, four, or even five generations of descendants after living for a century. A family tree with a picture of each member can effectively illustrate this. Same can be used as visual representation during the celebration and discussions can be had around this. 

Journey of 100 Years

Do some research on the birthday persons birth year. Make a brief, entertaining presentation about what took place that year and how the journey of 100 years has been. You can take more notes about each decade and see if the birthday person offers any memories, you can capture and retain. You can also touch base with the relatives and ask them for interesting insights that can be incorporated. 

Broadcasting Birthday Greeting on TV Radio

On their birthdays, your local radio and television stations might also recognise 100 milestone birthday of your special ones. Discover which programmes do this, and make sure your loved one receives congratulations.

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