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Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday During the Lockdown!

Perhaps the happiest day of the year for your kid, his/her birthday has been rendered a bummer during this lockdown. What should have been the day they went out with friends and family to eat and celebrate has turned into just another day whiling away at home, right? Wrong. It’s far from the truth. Fret not for this as an opportunity for an out of the box birthday celebration. With a pinch of creativity and a dollop of magic, there are tons of fun ways you can celebrate your kid’s special day.

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Follow the tips below for a Quarantine Birthday Bash:

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1. Video calling with friends and family


With the latest technology at hand, there is little you cannot do. Thanks to apps like Zoom, Google Duo and  Skype, you can arrange for a surprise virtual birthday party. All you have to do is inform the attendees in advance, ask them to stay ready with birthday hats and poppers (if not readily available, they can be made out of rolling coloured paper too!) and call them away while your kid waits for some kind of birthday miracle. Yes, you can BE the miracle! A homemade chocolate cake and some game ideas(think dumb charades, singalongs) are all the props you’ll need for a birthday to cherish for years to come.

2. A parade of sorts

This idea is one of my personal favourites. You can ask and encourage the birthday kid’s family and friends that live nearby or are willing to drive a distance, to drive past the house waving posters saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY,____. You can also ask them to sing the birthday song while the birthday boy/girl looks out from the balcony (that’s complete celebrity feels right there!). Balloons and special messages written in bold letters taped to the car windows and roofs will perfectly complement the whole theme.

3. It’s a special activity day


If you are a family of a good number of people living together, then nothing could get better than a day filled with extra special birthday activities! Get the whole family involved in making special birthday cards,  hand-made presents, party favours, or playing the kid’s favourite games and puzzles. It’s all about making this day a tad different from the regular humdrum. You could also bake together if that is something you think your kid would enjoy. If you are lucky enough to own a backyard, a family barbeque or a backyard picnic idea can never go wrong!

4. Birthday Gifts Scavenger hunt


Get creative and hide home-made presents or messages around the house for a birthday scavenger hunt, with of course keeping the biggest birthday present of all as the prize! It’ll be the incentive that’s going to keep them going. Write clues on sticky notes and paste them around on mirrors and cupboards.

5. Let the house be his/her majesty’s kingdom for the day


Decorate your house like a castle for the day with whatever props available and let your kids rule( while you be the king/queen’s best advisor, of course, we don’t want the house to turn upside down in a day). Make them “royal” meals and pamper the birthday boy or girl to the most. This birthday has to become a “ Sure, your highness” day. Chocolate-covered waffles for dinner? Sure, your highness. Everybody has to paint? Sure, your highness. So you get the idea. 🙂

6. Extra special birthday meals


There is probably no kid on earth who would say no to unhealthy yet super delicious junk food. Show them that a  lockdown does not have to mean they cannot get it even for their birthday. With online grocery shopping still available, get the stuff in advance that you’ll need to make your kid’s favourite burgers, pizzas or cookies. You can always find substitutes for what isn’t available in the “essential grocery list”. The internet has a plethora of yummy recipes you can choose from. Psst! You can also find some recipes that are healthy and delicious too, which you can secretly slide in with the extra cheesy and extra chocolatey ones so that you make sure your kid also gets something nutritional. Remember, health is wealth, especially during this time.

So, go ahead, make your choice OR you can also fit in a little of everything! After all, a Quarantine Birthday will be a once in a  lifetime thing for them!

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