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Punjabi Wedding and Post-Wedding Traditions

Punjabi weddings are happening and cheerful, they are loud, colorful, sometimes over the top, and yes it is fun-filled with lots of dancing and singing their hearts out. Even after a few days of marriage the ceremonies and festivities at the bride’s and groom’s place are on. The post-wedding celebration starts right after the solemnization of marriage at the mandap. The best part is that Punjabis never miss an opportunity to make merry in their weddings, one can easily witness age-old traditions in Punjabi weddings. In our previous blog, we told you about the pre-wedding ceremonies in Punjabis. Below you can find the wedding traditions and post-wedding traditions. 


The first wedding ritual in a Punjabi wedding is the exchange of garlands between the bride and groom. These garlands are known as Jaimala or Varmala. There is a small fun-filled competition between the two sides to lift-up either the bride or groom higher so that the other partner is not able to put the garland over the other one’s neck. 

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The most important and sentimental ritual of the wedding ceremony is Kanyadaan. From the age-old, it is believed that the bride is given by the parents to the groom, as daan and according, to the Vedic traditions Kanyadaan is considered as the biggest achievement. Father of the bride, requests the groom through Vedic mantras to take care of his daughter and the groom accepts the bride’s hand promising to treat her as his utmost love. 


For this ceremony, the ends of the bride’s and groom’s dupattas are tied in a knot and they take seven rounds around the sacred fire. After this, a sacred thread is tied around the girl’s neck by the grom known as Mangalsutra. 


Punjabi Post-Wedding Traditions

Sindoor Daan 

The next step after the pheras is that the groom anoints the forehead of the bride by filling her parting with vermillion. This signifies the end of the entire marriage ceremonies and the beginning of a new relationship between the newly wedded couple.

Joota Chupai 

This ceremony is truly filled with fun while, the groom is busy at the wedding and in all the ceremonies, the bride’s sisters take hold of the groom’s shoes and hide them. After all, the ceremonies are done and the groom steps out of the wedding mandap, sisters of the bride demands a ransom for returning shoes. They negotiate a lot before agreeing to some amount. The groom pays the agreed-upon amount and gets back his shoes. 


Vidaai, we all know how many sad emotions are hidden behind this word. Yes, this is the last ceremony of a Punjabi wedding and a heart-wrenching one, as well as the bride, has to now bid farewell to her family and go to her husband’s place. The bride throws a handful of rice over her shoulder towards her family’s direction, expressing gratitude to her family members for growing her up. 

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