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10 Must-have Romantic Wedding Photos for Indian Couples!

Bringing about the union of two souls for life, a wedding is undoubtedly a ‘Big-Day’ in everyone’s life. People make extensive plans to make their special day truly dreamlike. The D-days, however big or special, last for a few hours only and all that’s left with you for future are the memories of the event. Photos are your best bet when it comes to preserving such memorable moments that last forever. And when it’s about your wedding, you definitely want to make it as special and romantic as it is possible, don’t you?

I guess one of the most difficult tasks about getting your wedding pictures clicked is posing for them and it is even more difficult if you are a shy baby. No worries about that because there’s always a host of novel and exciting ideas that you can utilize to make sure your wedding photos speak volumes about the sheer grandeur and jubilation of the biggest event of your life. Modern Indian couples are sporty and like to put their creative caps while planning their wedding photos nowadays, so why should you slack? Here’s the valuable lowdown you can cash in on:

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The Aerial-Lehenga view

The vibe of one’s wedding day is such that every bride looks bewitchingly gorgeous with all the elaborate sheen and shimmer of her bridal costume and jewellery. If you’re going to be a bride soon, you’ll be elated to have a picture or two of your exquisite lehenga, taken from the top, depicting the full glory of your elegant bridal-attire.

The Romantic Cliff-shot

You have to agree that whenever you must’ve seen this incredibly romantic pose in movies you must’ve actually lost yourself in the dream-world, enacting the same with your beloved. Well, this is the perfect time to live that beautiful fancy of yours. Get a perfectly angled cliff-like shot of both of you clasping hands lovingly, positioned against a romantic background and you’ll cherish this little effort all your life.

The Excitement-filled leap

No matter how modest-and-poised you’ve been trained to behave on your wedding day, only you and your partner know the tingling excitement you’re feeling deep inside. Get away from the crowd for a bit and express your elation candidly, jig and jump in the air with your significant other while you’re being clicked.

Some ‘Romance-posing’ in privacy

Now this one’s a secret wish every couple has on their Big-Day; getting away to share a few moments of romantic closeness. Grab your soulmate at a spot away from everyone and assume your favourite romantic pose for a soul-gratifying click.

The Selfie-Shot

Get the customary selfie with your partner or along with your family/friends-group on your phone while your selfie-shot is captured by your wedding photographer simultaneously. A picture is a picture looks amazingly wonderful.

The Bridal-silhouette

When you’re all decked up head-to-toe in the most-special look that you only have done once in a lifetime, you should capture the best of it to treasure throughout your life. Get a dreamy black-and-white silhouette shot of your dazzling bridal look against an ethereal backdrop for a spectacular effect.

The Mehendi-glory

No Desi/Indian wedding is complete without the requisite Mehendi that adds to the glorious beauty of the bride. Pose for your beautiful Mehendi pictures with a flair.

The Vow-taking shot

Nothing like having your solemn wedding-vows captured perfectly in stunning photos to gaze at and rejoice all your life.

The Wedding-ring flash

flaunt that ring, proud possession, the pious symbol of your blissful union to have lovely snapshots of the same.

The candid-amusing antics

Everyone does rehearsed-posing before the camera for wedding-special photos. It’s time to do something different and add a natural zing to your pictures. Be candid, smile and laugh freely, do your antics that amuse your partner. You’ll see his/her lovely smile when both of you look at your wedding album.

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