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Top 10 Best Team Building Office Games

All of us have heard about the amazing benefits of team building activities but the challenge lies in choosing activities that offer an eclectic blend of learning and fun. No one wants to hear employees cribbing about boring team building activities and treat it with indifference. So, here we bring you some exciting and interesting team building activities that help employees learn a lot. 

Game Of Possibilities

This is an interesting 5-minute team building game where one person from each team is given an object. Someone must describe the object and how it can be used. The other team must guess the object. This game instills individual innovation and creativity in team members.

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True Stories

One of the partners must share something negative that happened in his life with his partner. The second time, the partner discusses the incident again but focuses only on its positive aspects and the other partner must look for the silver lining in the clouds. This helps partners to look for positivity even in negative situations.

Cook It Up Together

Here, teams are formed, and each team is given the task of preparing a dish that is eventually going to be a part of a 7-course meal. Any team delaying in its task results in all the teams going hungry. The focus is on team effort and the significance of time.

Build a Raft

In this activity, a team is marooned on an island with no supplies and the only way to reach the mainland is to build a raft. The supplies and blueprint to build a raft are given to the teams. This activity focuses on creativity and innovation.

Treasure Hunt

In this activity, teams are formed, and each team is given a clue that leads to another clue. They must reach the treasure within a stipulated time. This activity helps team participants from different departments come together and have a good time.  

Egg Drop

The team is given the task to build an egg carrier that can sustain a drop from 3-4 stories keeping uncooked eggs intact. It helps teams to hone their problem-solving skills.

Escape Room

A team is left inside an escape room and the only way to come out of it is to solve riddles, puzzles, answer quiz questions, and improvise at every step. It focuses on coordination and open communication. 

Pyramid Building

Teams are assigned with necessary raw materials and are tasked to build a pyramid. When all teams are ready with their pyramids, these are joined to form a giant-sized pyramid. This activity focuses on collaborative efforts.

Best Out Of Waste

In this activity, a team is given trash items from a junkyard and given the task to build something that is of utility, is presentable, and is functional. This team-building activity promotes creativity and innovative thinking. 

Two Truths And A Lie

Each participant is given a pen and paper and asked to write two truths and one lie about himself. Once done, these papers are shuffled, and each team member picks up a paper. He must read out loud and guess who this paper belongs to. This team activity help team participants to know each other. 

Organizing such fun-filled activities help teams to have fun while learning new skills and gain knowledge.

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