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Wow your Guests with these Perfect Wedding Favors!

A thoughtful gesture indeed, a wedding favour is a gift that you would give your guests so they cherish and remember your big day for years to come. However, there are plausible chances you could strike the wrong chord with the wrong wedding gift. How many times have you found those monogrammed cushion covers tossed in the trash? Or the cheap savoury-filled boxes “forgotten” at the venue? Getting the perfect wedding favour is harder than it sounds but not one without a solution. That’s where we jump in– being in the business for a good number of years– we have gathered some knowledge on what delights the guests. After all, if you want to shed those extra bucks, you need to shed them in the right place and have gifts that are well-received or lucky enough to be taken home at the end of the night. Bear with us as we detangle the mystery of the perfect wedding favours.  

Personalize the Wedding Favours, but with Subtlety

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Thoughtful favours are always a good idea. Personalizing the gift is well-received unless you scribble on dates or monograms on cheap showpieces or wine bottles. If you don’t see yourself taking one home, expect your guests to do the same. Go with gifting a favor inspired by your relationship or your wedding’s locale (especially if it’s a destination wedding). Personalized Jewellery boxes like this one from Amazon could fit a tight budget and certainly won’t prove useless.

A Kind Donation in the Name of  Your Guests as Wedding Favors

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This one’s a total hit! Something that couldn’t go unappreciated. It’s a win-win situation in every way – while you’re helping the needy, you are also avoiding the hassle to find a perfect wedding favour and giving your guests an inner sense of satisfaction. In a world that now believes in ‘less is more’, a gift in the name of humanity can be the perfect kickstart to a happy married life. Choose from a plethora of NGOs to donate to, or choose one that is closest to your heart. 

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Edible Wedding Favours

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Mithai boxes are outdated now. How about assorted chocolates packed in these absolutely delightful Golden Ribbon Candy boxes from Amazon? Whether they are 7 or 70, yummy in the tummy always makes the guests happy. You could also make packages of an assorted mix of spices or sauces and hand them over like gift hampers. Gifts that end up in your friends’ and families’ kitchens will serve as reminders of the big day every time they use it. 

Go Organic with Your Wedding Favours

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Tiny jute pouches filled with Seeds of a certain flower that was perhaps used throughout your decor or a low maintenance plant is a wonderful option to give away as wedding favours. They are pocket-friendly, environment-friendly and make for splendid decor pieces around the house. Similarly, you could also choose to gift potted plants or accessory plants. 

Luxe Candles as Wedding Favors

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Who doesn’t love exotic scented candles? They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and gorgeous packaging. Give it a personal touch by choosing an aroma that you use at your wedding or one that is dear to you (could be the scent of your favourite flowers). These simple yet elegant packs of 4 scented candles from Lighthaus definitely won’t burn a hole in your pockets, apart from being a treat to the senses in every way! 

Potpourri as Wedding Favors

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Like Luxe candles, Potpourri is an excellent wedding favour option. Aroma-filled pretty pouches of pure bliss are what they should be called. Moreover, for your out-of-town guests, it would hardly count as extra baggage. 

Locally-Sourced / Organic Products as Wedding Favors

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If you’re expecting a lot of out-of-town guests or are planning a destination wedding, we’d suggest you go with Locally-sourced products chosen with care and love. Pack them in small personalised pouches or bags and hand them over to the guests upon arrival. This could include locally sourced edibles, wine, or skin-care products, depending on the location of your wedding. It is like handing over small souvenirs as a beautiful reminder of your special day.

In the end, wedding favours and gifts are all about giving something you yourself would love to receive. To not strike the wrong chord with your guests, avoid giving bulky items that would end up becoming a headache for them to carry back. Skip random decor pieces or superfluous items. Remember, sometimes giving nothing is better than giving anything (yes, you read that right). While you know your guests aren’t expecting wedding favours, it feels good to know all that extra money could also be spent in the right places like the bar at your wedding. 😉

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