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12 Unique Wedding Send-Off Ideas for Bride and Groom Exit

As the night full of excitement and joy comes to an end, you can re-energize your guests with a beautiful and interactive goodbye. Usually, at the end of the wedding, the bride throws rice over her head as she leaves the gathering to start her life as a newlywed. A wedding exit is just as memorable as the wedding itself; so, it is essential that the exit is pre-planned and well-coordinated. Here are some ideas that will help you to deviate from the monotonous throwing rice and flower petals! Pair these up with some melodious music and you will be ready for the perfect send-off!

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1. Sparkles Or Sequin

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If you’re someone who loves glitter, this is a mess-free replacement to glitter and it will be easier to clean up and won’t stick to your hair and body. At the same time, it’ll give you the fairytale look you’re going for to capture the moment perfectly!

2. Toss Fake Snow

There is nothing more perfect for a winter wedding exit than to toss handfuls of artificial snow on the newlyweds, while they make way to their getaway car. You can always get fresh snow if possible. Either way, snow is a foolproof way to ensure that magical exit you’re going for!

3. Light Sparklers

Create a picture-perfect moment by getting your guests to wave beautiful wands of sparks. Make sure they are well sized so that their effect lasts as long as you need to get that perfect shot!

4. Unleash The Fireworks

If you are looking for a dramatic way to end your special night, fireworks would be the go-to option. They are not only mesmerizing but will also add an elegant look to complete the setup. Well, of course, pictures with fireworks above you can never go wrong!

5. Toss Dried Lavender

Tossing dried lavender can act as an alternative to tossing dried flower petals, and they leave a beautiful fragrance behind. An amazing way to end your night if you love flowers! Some of your guests might also want to take some home to put around the house, so make small pouches full of dried lavender leaves as a parting gift for the guests. 

6. Release Sky Lanterns

Releasing sky lanterns and wishing for a long happy marriage is another popular wedding exit trend. You can illuminate the night sky with these beautiful coloured lanterns and do not forget to capture the moment!

7. Release Balloons

Balloons are an easy and super cute way to end the night. You can coordinate the balloons to your wedding colours to match your aesthetic. Hand each guest a couple of balloons and you’re good to go!

8. Bust Out Smoke Bombs

Coloured smoke bombs are trending right now and make a ‘big’ statement. This would be a super memorable send-off and the pictures will turn out to be one of a kind. Have the staff at the wedding pull this off and your guests will surely be surprised!

9. Bow Out In Stylish Transportation

The most classic way to end your night is to rent sleek transportation waiting out front. You can wave goodbye to everyone while riding into the sunset. If you have something more dreamlike on the mind, you can also rent a beautiful horse carriage to carry you into the next stage of your life. 

10. Release Butterflies

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly way to end your night, releasing small butterflies into the sky is a great idea! Just make sure you choose a vendor that handles the butterflies well and they are not harmed in the process. 

11. Ring Some Bells

Ringing bells at the end of the wedding is an Irish tradition to ward off evil spirits, however, in the modern tradition, it is used to remind the newlyweds of their wedding vows. This would be a personalized and lovely way to end your wedding!

12. Streamer Tunnel

Hang streamers in a tunnel for your grand exit and walk through it hand in hand. You can also put-up fairy lights in the tunnel to add a little bit of a flare. Have your photographer position you right under those lights for the best shots!

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