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Making Your Destination Wedding Memorable: Pre-Wedding Activities or Games for Your Guests

Pre-wedding activities are becoming a pivotal aspect of destination weddings, transforming them into an immersive and memorable experience for every guest. From themed e-invitations setting the celebratory tone to uniquely tailored pre-wedding games and events that echo the charm of the destination, these activities are redefining wedding planning. They don’t just serve as icebreakers for guests coming from afar but also elevate the entire wedding experience, spotlighting the distinctive allure of the venue and its locale. Esteemed event planners like Alison Laesser-Keck advocate for wedding programs that not only entertain but also pay homage to the rich cultural tapestry of the wedding destination, enriching guests’ understanding and appreciation.

This article crafts a comprehensive guide to marrying the joys of wedding planning with the thrill of adventure and relaxation through a selection of pre-wedding activities or games. From carnival nights that dazzle to serene kayaking tours that promise tranquility and communion with nature; from intimate culinary classes with local experts to lively games for wedding receptions that bond guests in laughter, each suggested prelude to the main event is designed to enhance the connection and joy among attendees. So, embark on a journey through these curated wedding games ideas that promise to infuse your destination wedding with an extra dose of fun, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments.

An Intimate Welcome Brunch

Planning an Event?

Kicking off your destination wedding with an intimate welcome brunch can set the perfect tone for the festivities to come. This gathering not only allows guests to mingle and relax after their travels but also offers a taste of the local cuisine and culture. Here are some creative ideas to make your welcome brunch a memorable start to your wedding celebrations:

  • Venue Selection:
    • Local Flair: Opt for a quaint café or restaurant that embodies the charm of your destination. A place with a story or a stunning view can add an extra layer of excitement.
    • Private Dining: Consider renting a villa or a private home that offers chef-curated meals. This more intimate setting allows for personalized touches and a relaxed atmosphere.
    • On the Water: For a unique twist, organize a brunch cruise or sailing trip. It’s a fantastic way to let your guests enjoy local waterscapes while savoring delicious food.
  • Brunch Menu:
    • Buffet-Style: Set up various food stations offering local favorite brunch items, allowing guests to explore different tastes and mingle.
    • Themed Meals: Arrange a farm-to-table brunch to showcase the region’s culinary offerings or a paella buffet for a local taste.
    • Drink Stations: A mimosa or bloody mary bar not only quenches thirst but also adds an interactive element. Don’t forget to include ice-cold water and Prosecco for hydration and celebration.
  • Entertainment and Atmosphere:
    • Local Talent: Hiring local musicians or artists can infuse your brunch with cultural authenticity and provide a memorable experience.
    • Decor: The tablescape can be simple yet elegant, with a few statement pieces like patterned china and gold flatware to make the setting shine.
    • Dress Code: Encouraging a smart casual attire keeps the event relaxed yet stylish, allowing everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy the occasion.

This welcome brunch not only serves as a delightful introduction to your wedding weekend but also as a wonderful opportunity for guests to connect and immerse themselves in the destination’s ambiance. By incorporating local flavors, engaging entertainment, and thoughtful details, you’ll set a joyful and welcoming tone for the celebrations ahead.

Carnival Night Extravaganza

Transform your destination wedding into a magical evening with a Carnival Night Extravaganza that promises laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories for every guest. By meticulously planning each aspect of the carnival theme, you can create an immersive experience that captivates and delights. Here’s how to bring this vibrant vision to life:

  • Venue and Invitations:
    • Finding a Suitable Venue: Select a location like Glen Echo Park in Bethesda, MD, which naturally complements a circus or carnival theme with its open spaces and unique structures.
    • Invitation Cards: Design your invitations to resemble carnival tickets, setting the tone for the fun and festivities that await your guests.
  • Food, Drinks, and Decorations:
    • Carnival Food: Treat your guests to a nostalgic menu featuring carnival favorites such as funnel cake fries, corn dogs, and homemade lemonade. Serve these delightful snacks during cocktail hour and after dinner for a sweet and savory surprise.
    • Decorations: Adorn your venue with colorful rolls of tickets, vibrant flowers like roses and dahlias, and signboards in curvy, playful fonts to fully immerse your guests in the carnival atmosphere.
    • Table Setting Ideas: Use striped table runners and bright tablecloths to mimic a carnival tent’s lively hues. Centerpieces can be whimsical and creative, incorporating miniature Ferris wheels or carousel horses.
  • Entertainment and Activities:
    • Entertainment: Elevate the evening by hiring magicians, aerial dancers, and jugglers to perform throughout the night, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.
    • Carnival Games: Set up classic carnival games such as skee ball, toss bean bags, and darts. Consider renting equipment and setting up dedicated booths for these activities, encouraging guests to play and win prizes.
    • Photoshoot Ideas: Capture the joy and vibrancy of the night with a dynamic photoshoot. Encourage guests to pose with oversized cotton candy, share tender moments on the Ferris wheel, or laugh together in front of colorful tents and merry-go-rounds.

By integrating these elements, your Carnival Night Extravaganza will not only be a highlight of your destination wedding but also a joyous celebration that guests will reminisce about for years to come. Engage in the planning process with enthusiasm and creativity to ensure that this pre-wedding activity becomes a cherished memory for everyone involved.

Organize a Friendly Cricket Match

Organizing a friendly cricket match as a pre-wedding activity can bring an exciting and competitive spirit to your destination wedding, making it a memorable event for everyone involved. Here’s how to ensure the cricket match is enjoyable and safe for all participants:

  1. Preparation and Setup
    • Location: Identify a spacious and flat area that can serve as the cricket field. Ensure the location is accessible to all guests and offers enough space for spectators.
    • Equipment: Gather all necessary cricket equipment including bats, balls, wickets, gloves, and pads. It’s essential to have extras in case of damage or loss.
    • Pitch and Boundaries: Prepare the cricket pitch by ensuring it’s flat and mark the boundaries clearly to avoid any confusion during the game.
  2. Game Organization
    • Team Formation: Limit the number of players per team to ensure everyone gets a chance to play. Consider mixing guests to encourage interaction between families and friends.
    • Rules Briefing: Before the match, familiarize players with basic cricket rules to keep the game fair and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their cricket knowledge.
    • Safety Measures: Place first-aid kits strategically around the playing area. Safety should be a priority to prevent and address any injuries promptly.
  3. Enhancing the Experience
    • Refreshments: Organize a variety of drinks and snacks for players and spectators to enjoy throughout the match. Hydration is key, especially if the weather is warm.
    • Tokens of Appreciation: Prepare small tokens or awards for the winning team and standout performers. This could range from personalized cricket balls to medals commemorating the day.
    • Announcements: Make sure to announce the cricket match well in advance through invitations, social media, or word of mouth, so guests come prepared to play or cheer.

By following these steps, you’ll not only add an element of fun and competition to your wedding festivities but also create an opportunity for guests to bond over a shared love for the game. This friendly cricket match promises to be a highlight of your pre-wedding activities, bringing smiles and laughter to all involved.

Adventurous Outdoor Activities

Dive into the thrill of adventure with your guests by incorporating outdoor activities that promise both excitement and unforgettable pre-wedding memories. Whether it’s the adrenaline of exploration or the serenity of nature’s beauty, here’s how to make the most of the great outdoors before saying “I do”:

Adventurous Activities for the Bold and the Beautiful:

  • Trekking and Ice Explorations:
    • Embark on a journey to explore moulins, ice caves, and crevasses guided by a private trekking expert. Ideal for the adventurous soul, these activities not only offer breathtaking views but also unique photo opportunities.
    • For those looking to add an extraordinary twist to their wedding, consider a vow ceremony on a glacier or delve into the basics of ice climbing together. These activities promise not just fun but a truly memorable experience.
  • Connect with Nature:
    • Opt for a hike to a remote spot or scenic viewpoint to connect deeply with nature and each other. For those preferring a less strenuous activity, a short wander on a scenic trail offers the perfect compromise, ensuring everyone can participate.
    • Experience the magic of sleeping under the stars, cooking over a campfire, or for a more comfortable adventure, rent a remote cabin, canvas yurt, or unique lodging option. These activities offer a perfect blend of adventure and romance.

Engaging in Fun with Friends and Family:

  • Outdoor Games and Group Activities:
    • Incorporate popular lawn games like Jenga, Connect Four, Corn Hole, and Bocce Ball. These games are not only fun but also allow guests to mingle and enjoy the outdoors.
    • For group excursions, consider 4×4, Jeep, UTV, train, and boat tours. These activities provide an exciting way to explore the surroundings and are perfect for capturing the essence of the destination.
  • Unique Experiences:
    • Take an aerial tram or ski lift for easy access to epic views, offering great photo ops and a chance to witness the beauty of your wedding destination from above.
    • For an unforgettable adventure, book a private flightseeing tour or a heli hike tour. These experiences provide faster coverage of the land and unique perspectives that are sure to impress your guests.

Incorporating these adventurous outdoor activities into your pre-wedding schedule not only adds excitement and variety to the wedding festivities but also creates lasting memories for you and your guests. From the thrill of exploration to the beauty of nature’s tranquility, ensure your destination wedding is an event to remember.

Relaxing Pool Party

Diving into a pool party as part of your destination wedding activities is an exhilarating way to blend relaxation with celebration, offering guests a splash of fun under the sun. Imagine saying your vows or toasting to your future by the poolside, surrounded by floating floral arrangements and the elegance of custom bridges that transform the space into a dreamy venue. To elevate the ambiance, consider incorporating:

  • Poolside Decor:
    • Beach balls and flip flops scattered around for a playful touch.
    • String lights twinkling above, creating a magical evening atmosphere.
  • Refreshments & Treats:
    • A cocktail station serving up signature drinks and coconut water to keep guests cool.
    • A dessert bar brimming with a selection of sweets, from decadent chocolates to refreshing fruit tarts.

The entertainment is key to keeping the energy vibrant and the smiles wide. Organize engaging pool games and ensure there’s never a dull moment with music that keeps the vibe lively:

  • Games & Entertainment:
    • Water cannons and giant TIC TAC TOE for some competitive fun.
    • Chicken fights and water balloon battles to unleash the inner child in every guest.
    • A DJ or live band setting the soundtrack of the day, from serene afternoon tunes to dance-floor hits as the night falls.

Safety and comfort are paramount, ensuring everyone enjoys the party worry-free. It’s thoughtful to provide:

  • Safety & Comfort Essentials:
    • Lifeguards on duty, life rings, and clear pool rules for peace of mind.
    • Sunblock, insect repellent, and waterproof phone cases to protect and cater to guests’ needs.
    • A sunscreen station and citronella candles or tiki torches strategically placed to fend off the sun’s rays and pesky bugs.

By integrating these elements, your pool party will not just be an event but an unforgettable experience that complements the joy and union of your wedding. It’s the perfect opportunity for guests to mingle, relax, and celebrate love in a unique, fun-filled setting. Whether it’s a serene morning by the water or a lively post-wedding midnight dip, a pool party promises laughter, joy, and memories to cherish forever.

Exciting Games

Dive into the world of pre-wedding excitement with a variety of games and activities designed to bring guests together in laughter and joy. From scavenger hunts that explore the charm of your destination to relaxed wine tastings with local specialties, there’s an activity to match every interest and energy level. Here’s how to keep the pre-wedding excitement bubbling:

Interactive Games for Everyone:

  • The Shoe Game: A hilarious game where the couple sits back to back, each holding one of their partner’s shoes and one of their own. Questions about their relationship are asked, and they raise the shoe that corresponds to their answer. It’s a great way to add personal touches and laughter to the event.
  • Find Your Pair: Guests receive a card with one half of a famous duo upon arrival. Their mission is to find their match during the event, encouraging mingling and new friendships.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Tailor this to your destination by including landmarks, local specialties, or fun facts. It’s a fantastic way to have guests explore and appreciate the setting of your wedding.

Relaxed Pre-Wedding Activities:

  • Wine Tastings and Kayaking Tours: Offer a serene yet engaging experience with wine tastings that showcase the region’s local vineyards or peaceful kayaking tours along picturesque waterways.
  • Snorkeling Tours and Pub Crawls: For a more adventurous crowd, organize snorkeling tours to explore underwater wonders or spirited pub crawls through the bustling nightlife of your destination.

Creating the Perfect Viewing Party for Sports Enthusiasts:

  • Comfortable Seating and Big Screen Viewing: Arrange cozy seating around a large screen to ensure everyone has the best view. Serving food buffet-style near the TV keeps the vibe casual and allows guests to graze as they watch.
  • Customized Menu and Drink Station: Prepare snacks and drinks that reflect the teams playing, such as customized cricket cupcakes or the national drink of the participating countries. A drink station with juice, mocktails, and themed beverages adds a special touch.
  • Cricket-Themed Gifts: Show appreciation for your guests’ participation with cricket-themed souvenirs, making the event memorable and tying it back to the wedding festivities.

By incorporating these games and activities, you ensure that the pre-wedding period is filled with anticipation, excitement, and memorable moments for you and your guests. From the thrill of competition to the warmth of shared experiences, these pre-wedding activities or games set the stage for a wedding celebration that’s not just an event, but a cherished memory for all involved.


Our journey through the myriad of pre-wedding activities, from the intimate gatherings to the adventurous outdoors and the playful games, underscores the profound impact these events can have on making a destination wedding truly memorable. These carefully curated experiences are not just about fun and games; they weave a richer tapestry of connection, joy, and unforgettable moments for you and your guests. By blending the excitement of adventure with the warmth of shared experiences, these activities set a vibrant stage for your wedding celebration – transforming it from merely an event into a cherished memory for all who partake.

As you embark on this enchanting journey towards matrimony, remember that the magic of your destination wedding is amplified not just by the location, but by the shared experiences that precede the main event. The laughter, the camaraderie, and the adventure serve as the perfect prelude to your “I dos,” making every moment count in a celebration that’s as unique as your love story. For the A-Z of wedding planning and decorations, ensure every detail is as perfect as envisioned by contacting us at weddings.venuelook.com. With these shared experiences, your destination wedding is set to be an unforgettable journey, rich in joy and festivity, treasured by all who witness it.


Q. What are some engaging activities for guests at a destination wedding?

A. To delight your guests at a destination wedding, consider these eight fantastic ideas:

  1. Welcome them with a beach bonfire.
  2. Introduce them to the local culture.
  3. Live stream the event for those who couldn’t make it.
  4. Create a signature drink.
  5. Provide hangover kits.
  6. Set up a photobooth.
  7. Organize a group excursion.
  8. Give out welcome bags filled with local treats.

Q. How can I make my wedding day unforgettable for everyone?

A. To make your wedding day truly unforgettable, consider these surprises for your guests:

  • Perform a song or dance during your reception.
  • Set up a secret themed tent for guests to enjoy.
  • Create a fire pit area for making s’mores.
  • Incorporate games into your reception.
  • Hire a special entertainer to perform.

Q. What are some ways to create an interactive wedding experience?

A. To create an interactive wedding, you can:

  • Set up build-your-own bars, particularly with food.
  • Have a photo booth or provide Polaroid cameras.
  • Include party games.
  • Offer a tattoo booth.
  • Have an on-site poetry writer.
  • Provide typewritten notes.
  • Arrange a tour of the city.
  • Come up with creative guest book ideas.

Q. How is the stand up sit down game played at weddings?

A. The stand up sit down game is played by having a host, a member of the wedding party, or the MC read out a series of humorous questions. Guests will stand up or sit down to indicate “yes” or “no” answers. This game allows guests at each table to learn fun facts about each other and the couple, fostering a sense of camaraderie and entertainment.

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