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Office Christmas Party Games Ideas 2024!!

After a year-long hard work, every employee looks forward to the holiday season which would give him a much-deserved break from work. While the holiday season is all about fun and excitement with friends and family members, this year, throw an Office Christmas Party and plan some party games for the employees. Since office colleagues are as good as an extended family, let the fun begin and keep the entire team thoroughly entertained. Here are a few office Christmas party games ideas that can set the tone for the upcoming holiday season. 

Decorate Your Space

Encourage employees to decorate their workstations or cubicles uniquely on a seasonal theme. Winners can be announced at the party.

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Guess the Stocking Stash

This is an interesting game where a stocking can be filled with random items like a Christmas bow, candy cane, roll of tape, a miniature Christmas tree and more. Secure the stocking top and pass it through the employees. They have to touch and feel what is inside the stocking. The person who gives the most correct answers wins the game.

Candy Cane Relay

This game will require several small candy canes, chopsticks, a few stockings, and several large bowls. Employees can be divided into teams and unwrapped candy canes are placed in the bowls. Every player has to hook as many candy canes as possible using chopsticks. He has to hold the chopsticks in his mouth with hands tied behind his back. The hooked candy canes have to be transferred to the stocking and the team with most candy canes is the winner.

Balloon Hustle

Depending on the number of employees playing the game, blow up 50 or more balloons and divide the team using a painter’s tape. Two minutes are given to each team to hustle as many balloons as possible to the other side. Seems simple? There is a catch. The employees are expected to do this without crossing the line. 

Reindeer Antlers

Employees are equally divided into teams and each team gets a pair of pantyhose without toes along with two pieces of ribbon, and 15 small balloons. One of the team participants puts the pantyhose on his head while others in his team get busy inflating the balloons. They have to stuff one balloon at a time into pantyhose legs that looks like an antler and tie the ends with a ribbon. The team that finishes the task first is the winner. 

Snowman Feat

Create teams of employees in pairs where one of the team participants plays a snowman while the other one is a wrapper. Give toilet paper rolls to each team. The wrapper has to wrap toilet paper on the snowman from head to toe and the team that finishes the task first is the winner. 

Holiday Jeopardy

The holiday season is the best time to watch back to back Christmas movies. In this exciting game, play a trivia game and ask questions from some of the most popular Christmas flicks. It is a fun and exciting game. 

Playing these Office Christmas Games will put employees in holiday cheer, and they will share a stronger bond.

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